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  Wednesday, March 4, 2015
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September 26, 2013
Walsh, Connolly Make the Cut
By Rick Winterson

The crowd watched the returns closely, even though the server at City Hall malfunctioned for a while (so what else is new?).  Early on, it was clear that both John Connolly and Marty Walsh would be the remaining two candidates in the General Election on November 5.  If there were any surprises, they were Charlotte Golar Richie’s strong third-place finish and Walsh’s first-place finish.  But together, the top two candidates combined received just 35% of the votes cast, leaving 65% up for grabs going into the November 5 General Election.  Only the West Roxbury and Dorchester votes seem certain.

John Connolly had brought his family with him, including new infant daughter Mary Kate.  He was overjoyed at the votes he received – “I’ve never been so proud to be in second place in my life,” he stated.  He praised the other candidates for their efforts and Mayor Menino for his long, successful time as Boston’s Mayor.  John closed by thanking his campaign staff and volunteers, along with his family:  Meg, Clare, Teddy, and MaryKate.

Even though they tended to be overshadowed by the Mayoral campaigns, the races for the four City Councilor-at-Large seats were also important.  Eight candidates made the cut to qualify for the Councilor-at-Large November 5 General Election:  (in order of their finish) Ayanna Pressley, South Boston’s Michael Flaherty, Stephen Murphy, Michelle Wu, Martin Keogh, Jeffrey Ross, Annissa Essaibi-George, and Jack Kelly.

The odds favor the top four vote-getters to be ultimately elected to the four Councilor-at-Large seats.  Current Councilor-at-Large Ayanna Pressley came in first, as she has in the past.  South Boston Online is delighted to see that Michael Flaherty plans to return to public office as a City Councilor-at-Large – he polled a strong second place in the voting.  Current City Council President Steve Murphy came in third.  In what was something of a surprise, Michelle Wu, a newcomer to elected office, came in fourth.   

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