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South Boston Online
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  Friday, March 6, 2015
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July 11, 2013
Southie Summer Sizzles on the Waterfront
By Deirdra Dostou

Birthday girl Jessica Jordan (center) surrounded by friends Sophie West, Elizabeth Taylor, Jocelyn Gabriel, Christie Weil, Allison Cunningham, Nicole Devlin, and Kristen Sullivan.

Next-door at bustling Jerry Remy’s, General Manager Bonnie Fleischer explained, “People get to sit outside and enjoy a great view with the biggest TVs around to watch the Red Sox”. In only a handful of years the once industrial area known as the Seaport district now boasts waterfront walkways from the Bank of America pavilion all the way to the Moakley Courthouse. 

Festive parties filled tables inside and out. Visiting from across the harbor, Charlestown resident Jessica Jordan chose to celebrate her birthday on the waterfront. “I love it here. There are so many people our age and there’s always lots to do”. 

Across the bar at Jerry Remy’s South Boston residents came out to celebrate Liz Gilmartin’s birthday. “We’re having a great night!” exclaimed Amy Driscoll. 

A short saunter up the Boston fish pier, the oldest continually operated fish pier in America, leads to The No Name Restaurant. Open for business since 1917, manager Jimmy Klidarias greets guests at the door. “Nicolas Contas and the Contas family originally started the restaurant,” Klidarias explained. “Over the years customers gave us the name ‘The No Name’ because there was no sign out front.  My uncle says ‘If it works - leave it alone’”. The No Name restaurant used to be a diner that catered to fisherman and seafarers looking for breakfast or lunch. Today it has grown to a 7-day a week fully operational business but Klidarias explained, “Fisherman still dock their boats and bring their fresh catch right inside”. Situated directly on the fish pier, the No Name restaurant’s charming local flavor and warm appeal invites guests from near and far. Visiting from the UTU (United Transportation Union) convention, May Parker, Auxiliary President, explained they chose to No Name Restaurant because it came so highly recommended.   

With dazzling harbor views and the lazy sun setting slowly over the horizon, the roof deck of the Atlantic Beer Garden was bustling. Southie resident Kevin Milroy explained, “There’s a lovely sea breeze here and the sunset was nice”. Next door at the Whiskey Priest, Southie resident and birthday girl Cassie Martineau celebrated her 25th birthday with dear friends. She explained her love of the waterfront is also convenient “It’s right down the street from my house!” 

Beyond fine dining and nightlife the sweeping waterfront expands around visitors and the boardwalk offers a quiet place to take an evening stroll. Along Liberty Wharf new Southie resident Leslie Bresser was visiting with her family. A Curry College nursing student, Bresser explained she moved to South Boston from New Jersey. “I was told it’s a great place to live”.

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