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  Saturday, February 28, 2015
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June 27, 2013
Fernando Correia: He's on a Mission
By Kevin Devlin

“Nando” is in the fourth grade at Saint Peter’s Academy. He’s cut down on some of his recent athletic endeavors to focus more on his grades, and it was a wise decision, as he realized straight ‘A’s last school year. His favorite subject is science. He’s not sure what his calling may be, but someday he hopes either to be a navy seal, an actor, an architect, a scientist, or an astronaut. And, if he’s an astronaut, he’d like to work for NASA and be the first man to walk on Mars. 

In his leisure time, Nando loves reading writer Rick Ridoran’s Percy Jackson series and Heroes of Olympus. He’s a big reader but also likes to play Lego Wars and video games. He’s engaged in the arts and likes acting and singing at the Fourth Presbyterian Church. He recently portrayed the elephant colonel in “Jungle Book” and the father in “Mary Poppins.”  

In the world of sports, Nando has been involved in the South Boston Youth Soccer League since he was five years old. He started swimming at the Condon community center under the watchful eye of Miss Mary, then on the swim team under the tutelage of James Warren and Al Arcand. His favorite stroke is the butterfly. He swims and sails at the Hyannis Yacht Club in the summertime and is on their swim team. He has taken Karate classes and also takes fencing classes at the Tynan community center gym. 

One day last January when coming back from a school field trip, Nando saw a billboard from the One Mission Kid’s Cancer Buzz-Off and immediately decided he wanted to get involved. It’s a worthy endeavor and he felt good about it. He let his hair grow and on June 9th he went to Gillette Stadium and got a buzz cut. 

Since its inception three years ago, One Mission has raised nearly one million dollars for pediatric cancer patients and their families. Monies raised, “…helps to fund patient and family support programs at Boston Children’s Hospital designed to educate, empower and lift the spirits of pediatric cancer patients and their families as they deal with the diagnosis and treatment of this devastating disease.” 

This “Buzz-Off” is a, “…fun and unforgettable event where participants shave their heads in honor and support of kids with cancer. Participants raise money by asking family and friends to make a donation in exchange for their promise to shave their heads.” 

Nando was proudly named after his two grandfathers, Fernando Correia and Edward Costello. It was his parent’s way to pay homage to their fathers. And now he’s showing them why he’s worthy of this honor.

“We’re proud and impressed that he’s done this,” said his dad. “He took it upon himself and followed through by asking people for donations. Sometimes kids say things but don’t follow through but he did.”

(Writer’s Note: If you would like to get involved and/or send a donation, you can find out more information about this fundraising program at www.onemission.org/buzzoff/index_preview.html. Or, you could mail your donation to: c/o Fernando Correia, 41 Thomas Park, South Boston, Mass. 02127.)  

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