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  Tuesday, March 3, 2015
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July 12, 2013
Diversity and Tolerance Showcased Along Southie's Lagoon
By Kevin Devlin

I happily watched a proud dad walk by with his new born and then a group of cheerful moms, also gushing with pride, pushing their babies in their carriage. I saw young men and women jogging, power walking, rollerblading and bicycling. I gave two young ladies some water for their thirsty puppy. I handed an old timer my previously read Boston Herald. 

I glanced at passers-by in wondrous awe. Racially-mixed couples walked by holding hands and were deeply immersed in heartfelt conversations. I saw two young girls holding hands and later two young men. I saw an elderly couple stroll by also holding hands as if they just first met. I saw people of various races, Asian, black, white, Hispanic, and others walk past me. They were all happy and they were content. They were all enjoying life, taking a moment away from their individual cares and breathing in the freshness and warmth that summertime provides. 

I thought about those from distant shores who can’t agree to disagree within throwing tear gas, shooting protesters or killing those who desire freedom and happiness. There, harboring different social, political, or religious views can be fatal. 

Look at the civil unrest destroying the fabric of Egyptian life and the destructive civil war in Syria that has left thousands dead. Consider the daily terrorist bombings throughout the Middle East that maim and kill innocents. The world is in turmoil but most Americans remain secure in their homes and in the streets. 

Anytime you hear disparaging remarks concerning the good Old USA, tell them to sit on a bench along the Lagoon. Here, one can see what the entire world strives for but can’t get their act straight. Here, one can view what others around the globe are denied.  

And here, one can witness the fruits of harmony, tolerance, diversity, and the God-given right to a long and prosperous life, free of turmoil, uncertainty, and safe from the destructive forces ruthlessly running amuck in this crazy world.

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