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  Thursday, March 26, 2015
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Meet Paul "Pauli" Goslin
By Kevin Devlin

     Young student-athlete is taking care of business in the classroom and on the playing fields

     He attends the Gavin Middle School in South Boston and is an Honor Roll student.

     He has played in the South Boston Youth Soccer League for six seasons, and for the past two years, his team has made it to the championship finals.

     He plays centerfield and pitches for Metro Energy in the South Boston Little League and next season he will age out.

     He has played in the Gate of Heaven CYO midget basketball house league for the past three seasons.

     Our student-athlete in the Korner is Paul “Pauli” Goslin.

     Paul, 11, a sixth grader, attends the Gavin School and is an Honor Roll student. He likes math class, isn’t too keen on his gym activities, but is focused in the classroom. He even stays after school on many occasions to do extra work for extra credit.

     Paul’s favorite movie star is Ben Affleck and his favorite professional athletes are Indianapolis Colts star quarterback, Peyton Manning, former Red Sox pitcher, Bronson Arroyo, former Bruin’s forward, Sergie Samsonov, and Cleveland Cavalier’s mega-star, Lebron James.

     In his spare time, Paul enjoys eating spicy Buffalo wings, from Alfredo’s on Dorchester Street, whenever he’s watching his favorite television show, “Southpark” or when he’s watching the greatest movie ever made, “The Godfather.” He also likes to play video games and read as much as he can, he simply loves scary books.

     Paul has played soccer, baseball, and basketball for the local leagues. In Little League, he’ll never forget hitting his first double. He’ll always remember scoring 10 goals during the 2004 soccer season. And, he’ll always cherish scoring 13 points in a pre-season Gatey midget hoop game, and recently scoring 12 points in a regular-season game, his season high so far this year.

     Paul plays for the Jack McDonough Club and has been under the erudite tutelage of well-known volunteer, Sean Monahan, aka “Mr. Everything”.

     “I’ve coached Paul in hoop for the past three years,” said Monahan. “He practices hard and does what he’s told every week. Paul gives a one hundred percent effort every game. He’s developed a great outside shot and plays outstanding defense.”

     Paul is indeed a good kid with a big heart. If he were president of the United States, he said he would make sure many poor people had enough money to buy a home and have plenty of food to eat. He said he would make sure that the taxes collected were used to help those in need of help.

     Someday, Paul would like to be a professional basketball player and play for the Boston Celtics. If that doesn’t happen, Paul would like to enter the law enforcement field and be a police officer.

     Whatever he does, he’s on the right track now, working hard in the classroom and playing hard on his sports’ teams, because he knows that only through hard work, dedication, and determination, can he realize his dreams.        

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Paul "Pauli" Goslin is a well-rounded student-athlete with

high hopes for the future.