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  Friday, March 27, 2015
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Meeting the Mad Fisherman
By Kevin Devlin

     NESN’s and ESPN’s Charlie Moore visits the Emerald Isle in Dorchester to film a segment for an upcoming show

     For those fishing and comedic-reality show enthusiasts amongst us, last Friday, August 18, at the Emerald Isle Bar on Dorchester Avenue, I had the opportunity to meet Charlie Moore, the Mad Fisherman, who has aired on NESN for eleven years, and on ESPN for four seasons. Moore was on location, with Dave Sloan from NESN’s “On the Hook” show and the rising and talented female musical group, jada, to film a segment for one of his upcoming shows.

     Moore was searching for a local site to film the segment, since jada’s manager, Laura Poulin lived in Dorchester. Joe Finn from Roslindale, and host for Joker’s Comedy Show, a local enterprise that periodically features well-known comedians at various establishments, asked Emerald Isle Bar owner Ed Regal for a little assistance, and that was that.

     Moore is a vibrant, young entertainer from a modest, working-class background. He grew up in Lynnfield, Massachusetts, and attended Lynnfield High School where he played football and baseball. As a youngster, Moore helped out his dad Dan at his business in Revere called the ABC Cigar Store. Moore was introduced to the world of fishing at an early age by his father who had a boat anchored in East Boston. Right from the beginning, after he threw out his first line, Moore knew he was hooked on fishing. He also loved watching television, and as a result, a show, as well as a star was born.

     “Eleven years ago there really weren’t any reality shows on television,” said Moore. “What I did is what I wanted to do. My shows are about comedy, lifestyles, celebrity guests, all in uncommon setting settings, the ocean and lakes.

     “And, the shows are for the fans. The fans are important,” added Moore. “Obviously without them there is no show, but they are the key. They love the ‘Codfather’ on the show, a comedic-type mafia boss that appears routinely.” 

     Only 34, Moore has been a fixture on NESN for eleven seasons, hosting his show, “Charlie Moore Outdoors”, and on ESPN for four years, on the show entitled, “Beat Charlie Moore.”  Moore has won two Emmy’s and was nominated six times.

     Moore is proud of what he has accomplished thus far in life. As far as he is concerned, he has just begun and has many more miles to travel and much more to realize and accomplish.

     “I have new projects that I am involved in and will continue to be as creative as possible in whatever endeavors I undertake” Moore stated. “I would like to add that I am proud of the fact that I have had the same manager and producer for eleven years, Bob Sylvester, and will continue to work closely with him to make sure that these plans, these dreams, these undertakings, are realized.”

     Based on the success of this entertainer to date, there can be little doubt that whatever Moore decides to do in the future, it will be done artfully, and bring him more accolades and applause from those who happily watch his shows.

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Bob Sylvester, Charlie Moore's longtime producer and manager "The Mad Fisherman" Charlie Moore, Roslindale's Joe Finn, host of Joker's Comedy Show, Dave Sloan, host of the show "On the Hook" featured on NESN, Ed Regal, entrepreneur and owner of the Emerald Isle Bar.