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  Wednesday, March 4, 2015
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Kayla Perry
By Kevin Devlin

     Bright young girl has a shining future

     Kayla Perry is a smart, young girl who has a good grasp of whom she is and where she is going. And, from my angle, it appears she’s going straight to the top of the hill.

     Kayla, 12, is in the seventh grade and attends the Boston Collegiate Charter School. She enjoys math and English classes, but isn’t too keen on her science chores. Nevertheless, our youngster made Second Honors last marking period, and intends to continue her success in the classroom. 

     Kayla’s favorite television show is “My Super Sweet Sixteen” on MTV, her favorite colors are pink and blue, and she simply loves Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, especially vanilla heathbar crunch. Her favorite movie star is Ben Affleck and she loves former Sox star, Nomar Garciaparra.

     In her leisure time, Kayla likes to draw, play Nintendo DS, play on the computer and chat with her friends, watch television, and listen to music. She also likes to take long walks, practice her lacrosse moves in her cousin’s back yard, as well as play wiffleball, soccer, and hockey pick-up games with her friends. And, she likes to spend a lot of her free time at the Ollie.

     In the world of local sports, Kayla is in involved in lacrosse, softball, basketball and volleyball. This is her first season in the South Boston Youth Lacrosse League but she is eager to be one of the best. She has played soccer since she was four-years old, and felt real good when she scored her first goal, and was able to help her teammates realize victory. She played shortstop and third base on the softball team in the Gate of Heaven CYO program for four seasons, and felt real good when her dad was the coach.

     Kayla also began her adventures in hoop at a young age, playing in the Gatey Instructional League, and then on the house and travel squads. She loved showing her teammates and coaches that she could be a tough player and that size doesn’t always matter. Lastly, she has been involved in volleyball in the Gatey League for two years.

     If Kalya were the President of the United States, she would establish homes throughout the country to help the hungry and the poor. She would also push for peace in the Middle East, and also try to stop the war in Iraq as soon as possible. Kalya would also be an environmentally-conscious leader, and ask that the nations of the world produce less waste and seek a solution to the greenhouse effect. Oh, from the heart and mind of a child comes so much wisdom. 

     Kayla loves living in Southie and understands that her community represents the Irish and their culture, something she is quite proud of.

     Someday, Kalya would like to become either a designer of clothes for children or a chef.

     But until then, she will just continue to enjoy living in Southie and appreciate all that this rich community, her friends, and her family, have to offer her.    

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           Kayla Perry enjoying her

           leisure time at the Ollie.