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  Monday, March 2, 2015
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The Club's New Athletic Director
By Kevin Devlin

     Randy (Dillon) Carey comfortable in his new role as the South Boston Boys and Girls Club Athletic Director

     Randy (Dillon) Carey is new to the position of athletic director for the South Boston Boys and Girls Club, but he isn’t a stranger to this institution, nor to the world of sports. He grew up in Southie and many a day traveled the same route, from his childhood home on the corner of “F” and Gold Street, to get to the Club. Now, he’s working there and couldn’t be any happier.

     As the athletic director, Randy oversees all gym activities and programs. He coordinates all house and travel team schedules, as well as the pre-teen summer camp.

     Randy is also in charge of the Adventure Club, a program he initiated during his ten-year tenure at the Little House in Dorchester. The Adventure Club is an ambitious endeavor for the kids, hoping to get them involved in white-water rafting, canoeing, rock-climbing, backpacking, and kayaking.

     The new AD is also involved in the Chill Program, sponsored by Burton Snowboarding and Sobe. Annually, this program gives a club kid the opportunity to travel to the Wachusett Mountains in Western Massachusetts to learn the intricacies of snowboarding. 

     Randy is indeed familiar with the Club and to the local sports scene. He has coached and managed teams in the South Boston Little League and the Babe Ruth League for the past 20 years. He has coached local Pop Warner squads for four seasons.

     As a youngster and young man, Randy’s favorite sports were football and baseball. He played wide-receiver and cornerback on his high school varsity football team, and was active in the Yawkey League for 15 years. He played the hot corner for most of his career and then moved over to first base for Mill Stream and the McKay Clubs. And, he is a member of the Yawkey League Hall of Fame.  

     As the Club’s AD, Randy plans on moving forward and hopes to implement some new programs for the kids, such as rock-wall climbing and rope courses. New programs are good, change is good, but Randy also realizes that the main objective of the Club is to steer the kids in the right direction, teach them how to win and lose gracefully, and how to interact with other kids their age, and with other kids from diverse backgrounds.

      “Some people think that winning and losing isn’t important, but I think it is,” said Randy. “How you compete, how you win and how you lose is very important. When kids learn how to win they realize that through hard work they can achieve their objectives. If they lose, they can and need to lose gracefully, and learn from their mistakes and go from there.

     “Learning how to interact with other kids is also so crucial,” added Randy. “When I came to the Club as a kid, we were taught how to interact with others our own age. This was such a positive influence in my life. We now have kids from other parts of the city, from Roxbury, Dorchester, and Mattapan, at the Club. Kids can meet other kids from other parts of the city with diverse backgrounds and become friends. Kids can then take these skills and apply them to everyday life, to their social settings. That’s the biggest thing they can learn from being active in the Club, the crucial, most important thing they can take with them, when they enter the real world.”  

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Like so many others who grew

up in Southie, the Club is like a second home to Randy (Dillon)