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  Friday, February 27, 2015
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Meet the Skerry Clan
By Kevin Devlin

     Youngsters busy at all times, playing hoop, and enjoying their childhood in Southie

     They play a variety of sports, but based on their involvement, you’ve got to figure that basketball is their favorite sport. They are all doing well in school and should continue to do so. Our three student-athletes in the Korner this week are Jill, Sean, and Chris Skerry. 


     Jill, 14, is in the eighth grade at the prestigious Boston Latin School. She’s getting good grades and enjoys traveling over to Louis Pasteur Avenue every morning for school. She’s adapted well to her new school and has already been in two school plays, “Little Tony” and “Alice in Wonderland.”

     Jill played in the South Boston Youth Soccer League (SBYSL) since she was five years old, but turned in her soccer cleats last season to concentrate on basketball. Jill began her journey in hoop in the Gate of Heaven Instructional League, and now plays on house and travel teams. She has been involved in the Boston Neighborhood Basketball League (BNBL) and the All-Dorchester Sports League (ADSL) for several seasons, and last year was running and gunning in the Saint Brigid’s house league. 

     In her leisure time, she enjoys watching “Real World” on MTV, hanging outside with her friends, eating French Fries at Sully’s, and going to dances at the Ollie and Holy Name in West Roxbury. In addition, Jill attended Irish Step at the Peggy Woods School for a decade, was a Pop Warner cheerleader last season on the “A” squad, and loves getting some sun while sailing in Southie.


     Sean, 12, is a sixth-grader at Gatey but may be attending Boston Latin Academy in the fall. He’s also doing well in school and loves gym classes. His favorite player is Larry Bird. 

     Sean began playing soccer in the SBYSL and hoop at Gatey when he was only five years old. And, he has already made his mark at Gatey. In the semi-final tilt in the Gatey Midget house league this past winter season, Sean, “The Quiet Man” was “The Clutch Man” as he hit two key free throws in the waning moments to advance his team, 32-30, to the championship finale. In the finale, with time running out, Sean drove to the hoop, hit an eight-foot jumper from the corner, to give his team the lead, 29-28, the game, and the title. Sean was also a member of the talent-laden sixth-grade Gatey team that finished fifth in the New England Championships.

     Sean’s Little League team won the championship last summer. He played centerfield on Hub Video, managed by Randy Dillon, a team that defeated the Chippewas for the 2006 title.


     Chris, 8, is in the second grade at the Gate of Heaven Elementary School. He loves science but isn’t too focused on his math studies. Nevertheless, Chris knows he has to do well in school to keep up with his older brother and sister.

     Chris’ favorite professional athletes are Larry Bird and Robert Parish, and, he has an autographed picture of his favorite center.

     Chris has been active in the SBYSL for three years and last year he began his adventures in lacrosse in the local league. Chris, like Jill and Sean, is also a gym rat and he was introduced to the world of hoop at Gatey. Chris loves playing defense and blocking shots. Recently, he was one of the ball boys for the Gatey sixth grade travel squad that competed in the New England CYO Championships.

      In his spare time, Chris plays video games, watches television (his favorite show is “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody”) and plays hoop in the back yard with his brother, sister, and friends. Chris also spends considerable time at the Tynan gym, playing basketball and flag football.  

     Final Note

     Mom and dad, Mary and Mark, are proud parents knowing they have three happy, busy, and well-behaved young children. Their kids are preoccupied with various sports and focused on their classroom chores.

     “They do well balancing their schoolwork with sports,” said Mary. “They keep busy doing the right thing and we are proud of them.”

     It’s another week and another good story.

     Another solid story about a happy family, and a caring community, that has so much goodness that needs to be mentioned.

     And, without doubt, another refreshing Southie story that makes my day.

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Sean, Chris, and Jill enjoying

a leisurely moment at home.