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  Wednesday, March 4, 2015
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Southie's Karate Girls
By Kevin Devlin

     Youngster loves attending karate classes at the Ultimate Self-Defense and Performance Center

     Victoria “Tori” Lynn Statsky is a special little girl who loves life and is going to make sure she enjoys every single day. She attends the Ultimate Self-Defense and Performance Center on West Broadway. For her and her mom Jennifer, it serves a two-fold purpose.

     Tori is learning karate kicks and other skills which helps with her physical therapy. Although quite young, she requires physical therapy because she was born with a medical condition, known as fetal valpro syndrome, which could lead to dwarfness.

     Tori’s doctor suggested to her mom that Tori undergo physical therapy to help her as she begins to grow. But as fate would have it, the Statsky’s found exactly what they needed on West Broadway. Under the astute tutelage of the Ultimate Self-Defense and Performance Center Director Andrea Muccini, Tori’s physical therapy was realized.   

     Six year old Tori, attends kindergarten class at the Perry School. At home, she loves to play with her dolls and baby carriages and play the guitar at her Aunt Laura’s house.

     Tori’s favorite food is chicken noodle soup and she loves watching Drak and Josh on Nickelodeon. She likes frolicking around with her cat named Piper, and enjoys playing “Hide and go peek” (not seek, the name has been revamped) with her friends.

     Tori also has fun running around the neighborhood, riding her bike to Castle Island, and playing chalk games on the sidewalk, especially hopscotch. Two things that Tori really enjoys doing, is taking care of her cousin Erika because she is going to have a baby soon, and attending karate class.

     Tori began taking karate classes last September. She goes three times a week and recently graduated from the Little Dragons to the Wipeout Class. The stretching and exercise was everything she needed to help her have some fun and facilitate her medical needs. Her mom is ecstatic about the classes and Director Muccini

     “Andrea is a lifesaver and a Godsend,” said her mom. “We tried ballet but it just didn’t work. With the stretching and karate, as well as discipline in these classes, Tori’s doing just fine. It was just what she needed, both mentally and physically.”  

     Director Muccini appreciates the high praise but her focus is on the kids, not her ego.

     “Victoria has made so much progress,” said Muccini. “She puts forth her best effort every time, works well with her classmates and is a very bright girl.

     “This is what’s it’s all about,” added Muccini. “The children are our future. Discipline and structure are so important. When they put forth the effort and perseverance they can then see, one little-step at a time, how good they are doing. That makes them feel good about themselves. Success gives them the confidence they will need later in life. Teaching these life-skills is what will help them later as they face life on their own.

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Victoria "Tori" Statsky

enjoying a leisurley moment

at  home with her mom.