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  Friday, March 6, 2015
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Tynan Hoop Champs Crowned
By Kevin Devlin

     Lindberg Club defeats the Young Guns to capture the 2006 Tynan men’s open basketball league championship

     On Tuesday evening, March 7, the Lindberg Club defeated the Cranberry Café Club, 66-52, to win the Tynan Community Center Men’s League Championship.

     It was a close game throughout the first half. Losing by only a couple of points going into the second half, the “Young Guns” felt they could still come back and take the lead. They fought hard and battled back, but slowly their foe, the Lindberg Club, knew that they just needed to keep the pressure on, and continue playing up tempo-run and gun-basketball against the Young Guns to win the tilt. And they were right. Playing short-handed, with only five players, Billy Allen’s boys didn’t have any substitutes coming off the bench to give them time to catch their breath. The Young Guns couldn’t keep on running with the talent-laden and veteran-savvy Lindberg Club team and they eventually ran out of gas midway through the second half. When the game clock expired, it was Eddie “Wilt” Curran’s boys who would go home with the coveted league championship.

     Young Guns guard Bobby “The Cat” Gilcoine, was magnificent in defeat, scoring 26 points, and knocking down five three-pointers from downtown. Center Billy Allen also had a terrific game as he netted 18 points and grabbed a handful of rebounds. The remaining players on the championship-finalist squad were Sean Flaherty, Kevin O’Neil, and Bobby Deveneau.

     And now, let’s talk about the champs, the Lindberg Club.

     This is a gritty team with talent galore at every position, a team composed of tough, veteran players who play the game the way it should be played. They are no strangers to the champion’s podium.

     Sean Harrington scored 22 points. Tommy Beatty netted 19 points, including five treys, and Scotty “My Man” Lewis finished with 10 points. The remaining players on the championship team were Eddie “Wilt” Curran, Pat Lavey, John “Neezo” Nee, Bobby Pierce, and Scot Martin.

     “My MVP of this championship tilt was forward Sean Harrington,” said the legendary John “Injun” Horan, who oversees scheduling game officials for the league. “Sean played a great game, successfully driving to hoop on the offensive end and scoring key points.

     Sean was also very active off the glass on the defensive end, grabbing some tough boards and getting the fast break moving.”

     Eddie Curran, aka Wilt, has done a great job running this league throughout the years and deserves a pat on the back for his unselfish and tireless efforts to keep this league moving forward. Wilt also appreciates the invaluable help he receives from the Tynan Community Center staff and the generous sponsors.

     “I would like to take this opportunity to thank Helen Allix and her entire staff at the Tynan School,” said Curran. “Matt Burton, Brendan Cahill, and especially Kathy Davis, are all great in helping make this league prosper from year to year.

     “And, I could never omit thanking the generous sponsors who are also there to help out with assistance,” added Curan. “Those sponsors are the Mirisola’s, Cranberry Café, Sals, the South Boston Back and Neck Center, Lindberg, and Rotary Variety. I thank them all for their continued support in keeping this particular men’s basketball alive and well throughout the winter, as well as summer hoop seasons. I also would like to mention Mike “Kobe” Anderson who helps out securing sponsors for the league. He does a great job in that regard.”

It’s another season put into the history books and another championship for the Lindberg Club.

     I think after celebrating their victory, this club will set its sights on another crown they would like to add to their collection, that being winning another league championship up at “M” Street Park this summer.

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