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  Tuesday, March 3, 2015
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The Karate Kid
By Kevin Devlin

     Three-time karate champion keeps busy in and out of the classroom

     Sean James Nagle is a karate champion and a champion in the classroom.

     Sean, 10, is a fourth grader in the Advanced Work Class at the Condon Elementary School in South Boston. This particular Boston Public School program prepares students for the exam school tests and is one of the most successful programs in the system. Many of these students eventually find themselves sitting in a classroom in one of the three prestigious exam schools, the John D. OBryant School of Science and Math, Boston Latin Academy, or Boston Latin School.

     Sean, 10, likes to watch World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) on channel UPN. His favorite wrestler is the dreaded Undertaker, a character that has defeated many a foe on the mat. Last month, his dad John took Sean to the Boston Garden North to a WWE event, a night Sean will never forget.

     Sean also likes to hang out with his friends in his leisure time, and play video games on Play Station Two. His favorite cartoon show is Yu-Gi-Oh-Gx. And, on many an occasion, his mom, Kathryn, and his dad drive Sean and his sister Kylie to Sullivan’s for their favorite treat, a Sully’s hotdog, without doubt the best in town.

     In addition to his school work, Sean keeps busy in the athletic world. He has been taking karate classes for the past six years and has a brown belt. Sean takes karate classes on Mondays and Wednesdays at the Ultimate Self Defense and Performance Center on West Broadway. He has captured the Police Athletic League (PAL) Boston City Karate Championship title for the past three consecutive years. Overall, he has competed in approximately 20 tournaments and has finished first in Forms in all but one.

     Sean played soccer in the South Boston Youth Soccer League for six seasons and lacrosse in the local entity for five years. Sean swims at the Quincy YMCA on Tuesdays, and plays hoop at Saint Brigid’s and Gate of Heaven on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. He also goes to Boys Scouts on Thursdays. And finally, after being in the Instructional and Red Sox Rookie Program, Sean is going into his second year of Little League, and plays centerfield for the O’Brien Club.

     Mom and dad are proud of their son’s success and keep a close eye on everything he does.

     “We make sure he keeps busy at all times,” said his dad. “He is doing well in school and is very active with swimming, karate, Boy Scouts, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, and baseball. We like to keep him busy and out of trouble.”

     Sean would someday like to be either a professional wrestler or a police officer.

     Whatever he chooses to do in life, he should be ready to face the challenge straight on and be a success, be a winner.

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Sean with his dad, John, at the Gate of Heaven Hall waiting to

play some basketball with his peers.