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  Sunday, March 1, 2015
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"Matt, Matt, The Swinging Cat"
By Kevin Devlin

“I can multi-task, …because I can play the guitar and sing at the same time.”

     He’s only five years old, but already has a busy schedule.

He attends K-1 at Saint Brigid’s.

     He takes swimming lessons at the Boston Athletic Club (BAC) on Saturdays, and loves to “Cannonball.”

     He participates in Karate Class on Tuesdays at the Ultimate Self Defense and Performance Center on West Broadway.

     On Wednesdays, he plays basketball at the Tynan gym.

On Thursdays and Sundays, he skates in Arnie’s Army at the Murphy Rink.

     He likes to watch football and baseball on television but loves basketball.

     Although he doesn’t like the Yankees, his favorite player is still Johnny Damon.

     His two best friends are Lukas McCarthy and Ryan Galvin, two boys he met while attending the Ollie and the Fourth Street Church Summer Camp.

     His name is Matt Gregory McDonald.

     Matt is a smart, young boy. He was nicknamed “The Governor” by his now deceased dad, Paul, and “Matt, Matt, The Swinging Cat” by his mom Luanne. He loves science and one of his favorite educational toys he received from Santa at Christmas, was his space set, showing all the planets and their relation to the Sun. Matt likes his new firehouse and fire engines, his Easy Bake set, his Pet Rock, and his air hockey game. Matt also has a special place in his heart for his red, white, and blue toy teddy bear he named Liberty Bear. Overall, his favorite toy is the space set, and his new book, “1000 Facts About Space.”

     “Mars is the Red Planet,” said Matt. “It is the fourth planet from the Sun.”

     Matt also likes to play his guitar and sing. His friend Lukas is called Thunder, and he is Lightning, so the “Thunder and Lightning” Duo likes to play Rock and Roll.

     ”I can multi-task,” said Matt. “Because I can play the guitar and sing at the same time.”

      Matt’s favorite movies are “Thomas’ Snowy Surprise” and The Polar Express.” He loves meatloaf and green beans, and also likes chicken fingers and French Fries from Burgher King and Sully’s.

     Matt also cherishes vacationing at York Beach in Maine. His mom takes him to the Nubble Lighthouse, and for walks along Marginal Way in Perkins Cove to see the oceanic views. Luanne also takes Matt to the Fox Store for Ice Cream, and to Sweet Josie’s Store for slush cones and above all else, Tootsie Rolls. His mom takes real good care of him. 

     While on vacation, Matt and his mom visit Fort McLeary, go to Long and Short Sands Beaches, and an amusement park called Funorama. Matt has a great time on the Hippy, Hippy, Hippo ride.    

     Matt is a fortunate, young, boy who has a caring and thoughtful mother. He is inquisitive and filled with an abundance of energy, willing and eager to explore the mysteries of science and space. He said that someday he would like to be an astronaut.

     I didn’t even hear about the term multi-task until I was 50-years old, and this kid is aware of it at the tender age of five.

     And with that said, I think he’ll do just fine in life

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Matt is a clever, young boy with a bright future.