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  Friday, March 27, 2015
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Posted April 28, 2005
Sports Radio Talk Blahs
By Kevin Devlin

     Tuning into WEEI and other sports talk shows can be a real turnoff sometimes.

     Just like any other New England sports fan, I love listening to the various sports talk radio stations, especially WEEI AM., and definitely when all is going well on the sports front. But, enough of the repetitive nonsense, enough of the same old stories and angles, and of the same old opinions being stated and repeated over and over again.

     When there’s nothing happening that’s really worth talking about, all sports talk shows hosts grasp whatever issues or stories they can to fill air time. But they are used ad nauseam, ad infinitum. And, that usually happens to the good stories too.

     Case in point the stories regarding Jose Canseco’s book and steroid use.

     Jose Canseco’s book of revelations was on the shelves of your favorite bookstore and the main topic on sports radio talk shows for endless hours. It got to the point that all that was being discussed was his self-serving story and baseball’s current plight around steroid use of so many players, as if this was the first time we were made aware of this problem. The whole country, fans, players, owners, politicians, everyone knew was going down but nothing was said until now.  How many times was this book discussed over and over again on the airwaves? How about to the depths of absurdity? 

     It came to the point that when I turned on WEEI and heard the word steroid, I would immediately turn the radio dial to another station, or simply turn it off. It was the same old story. Nothing new was being said, no new ideas or points of view to ponder. The story was as dead as Canseco’s credibility.

      It just reminded me of the Seinfeld episode in which Elaine confronts the Soup Nazi after she has found all of his soup recipes. She stands there and tells the steadfast and unrelenting soup connoisseur that he’s all done, and emphatically yells “Next!”  She had had enough, just like me.

     Then came the baseball season and fresh stories for endless conversations, but the sports radio talk show analysts still couldn’t  move away from there comfort zone, manhandling stories tell they strangled them to death.

     Case in point the story concerning Red Sox fan Chris House and Yankees outfielder Gary Sheffield. This simple incident in which a fan innocently waved his arm in fair territory was given more notoriety than it deserved. House was caught up in the emotion of the game and was labeled by many afterwards as a hooligan that deserved losing his season tickets. The event and consequences were analyzed over and over again, and in many instances in erroneous fashion.

     So, when you’ve had enough of the same old hashing and rehashing of the same stories, don’t be afraid to turn off the boredom; turn on Classical 102.5 WCRB FM on your radio. Listening to a little Mozart or Beethoven once in a while may just be the intellectual stimulation you are seeking but just can’t find on sports talk radio.

     Try it, you might like it.


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