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  Thursday, February 26, 2015
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Busy as a Bee
By Kevin Devlin

     Kathy Lally doesn’t mind giving her time to Gate of Heaven and the community

     Kathy Lally doesn’t like the limelight. As a matter of fact, everything she does, all that she’s involved with, is done behind the scenes without any accolades, devoid of any applause or recognition. But, she doesn’t mind this because that’s just the way she is. She’s asked to do something and it gets done, completed without any excuses or delays.

     Kathy is the treasurer of the Gate of Heaven Home and School Association, and has been so for the past six years. As treasurer, she is involved in all of Gatey’s fundraising events and keeps tabs on all the money. It could be Pizza with Santa, a yard sale, the selling of Christmas candles, the annual New Year’s Eve Party, a Night at the Races fundraiser, whatever. She makes sure there are cash drawers for events, collects the cash, and then safely deposits it in the local bank. In June of each year, all of the money raised is given back to the school.

     Kathy is a member of the Gate of Heaven School Board. The board serves as a liaison between the church and the parents to update the Gatey community on what’s going on.

     Kathy has also been the treasurer of the South Boston Babe Ruth League for 15 years, as well as the unofficial treasurer for the entire Gate of Heaven CYO Sports Program, including all Vicariate CYO sports business. Her husband Kevin oversees both of these programs and appreciates the hard work that Kathy does, year in and year out, to help make his job that much easier. He is indeed a lucky man.

     Kathy understands that all of these fundraising events are worthy endeavors. She understands that the school’s fundraising events help keep tuition from rising too sharply from year to year.

     “These fundraisers are important and help keep tuition rates as affordable as possible,” said Katy. “If we didn’t have them, tuition would be much higher. As it is, tuitions can be tough for many parents to pay in today’s economy.”

     Kathy also knows that by her involvement, she is setting an example, and serving as a role model for her young, son Greg.

     “I just give whatever time I must to get the job done,” said Kathy. “I’m there to oversee the funds and make sure they are deposited in the bank and records kept.

     “If somebody asks me to do something then I just do it and get it done. I hope that Greg will do the same when he’s older. That is, get involved in the community and be active in the church. I feel that my involvement benefits the community and my son and I want the best for both.”

     The best for both means involvement, commitment, and dedication to the church and the community.

     Kathy doesn’t mind spending her time in making her community, her church, her piece of life on Earth, a better place in which to live.

     And, without doubt, we could use many more just like her.      

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Kathy Lally enjoying some free time at her residence in South Boston.