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  Wednesday, November 23, 2005
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Solid First Season
By Paul Noonan

     At the start of the season it seemed like things would go one of two ways for the BC Eagles football team. The optimists expected BC to do fine in their new conference (the ACC) picking up where they left off in the Big East. The pessimists expected BC to get a wake up call and find out the ACC is nothing like the Big East. Well optimism paid off, as the Eagles did a very nice job in their new division finishing with an 8-3 record, which should secure a pretty decent bowl bid.

      The Eagles’ 8-3 record (4-3 in the conference) was good enough for a tie for third place in the conference, as well as second place in their division. Among the Eagles’ victories were solid wins against Maryland, Virginia and Clemson. The Eagles also gave Florida State a good run for their money. Had the Eagles been able to win that game they would have won their division in the ACC which would have been a very impressive accomplishment. Unfortunately the Eagles got a bit of a reality check when they faced off against (then ranked #3) Virginia Tech. The Eagles also brought back bad memories (see Syracuse last year) when they were upset by North Carolina the week after. Yet the Eagles finished strong with wins over NC State and Maryland, not letting the upset ruin the rest of their season. Had the Eagles won that game against NC they’d likely be in a ‘big time bowl,’ but nevertheless they will travel to a respectable bowl game. Being in a slightly tougher conference, the Eagles may get a better bid than they would have had they finished with the same record in the Big East.

     Most importantly, the season is a great foundation to build upon for the Eagles. The Eagles have given themselves plenty of confidence and have proven they can hang with the big boys of college football. As a result, the Eagles may see some better recruits and hopefully a continuous domino effect which will keep them competitive for years to come. It is even reasonable to assume that in the very near future the Eagles could be in the running for the ACC title, and dare I say it, maybe even a national title game? Pretty soon the Eagles may find themselves more respected and feared than their ice hockey counterparts. Yet for now, the Eagles’ main concern is to try and win the bowl game they play in. From there the skies the limit for the Eagles, and it looks like soon they may be soaring.

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