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  Thursday, February 26, 2015
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Yeah, I've Got A Few Sports Gripes
By Kevin Devlin

     Some things people do, say, and don't say, in the sports world, does annoy others. Sure they do. It certainly annoys me to the point that I merely shake my head in disbelief. So, I'd like to share my thoughts, my gripes with you, and see what you think.

      Yeah, I've got a few sports gripes and would like to know:

     * Why Patriots QB Tom Brady isn't considered in the top tier of NFL quarterbacks by many that follow this league? It seems that he just doesn't get the respect that Peyton Manning, Michael Vick, and Donovan McNabb get, week in and week out. But who is the guy you want at the helm in the fourth period with time running out, and you need to put points up on the board? You bet, Tom Brady.

     * Why can't (and I've said it before) the Pats just go back to the original logo, and get rid of the "Flying Elvis." I have been watching the Pats play since the sixties. I've seen them play at Boston College, Harvard, Fenway Park, Foxboro, you name it. I still like the original and it just proves that not all change is good.

     * Why certain NFL players have to hot dog it when they make a good catch or score a touchdown? Last week, one player was sitting in the end zone after scoring a TD, making believe he was on the telephone calling home with the good news. In another instance, an offensive player who just made a great catch twirled and threw the football at the defensive player. Sometimes the unsportsmanlike flag is thrown, sometimes it isn't. I think it all depends on whether or not the offender is a star or not. Talk about adding insult to injury.

     * Why so many people throughout this nation think that race car drivers are such tremendous athletes? I know that the Indianapolis 500 and the zillion other racing events with the different types of cars, the types of which I really can't name right now, are lovingly viewed by millions. But I just don't get it. When asked, race car proponents proudly talk about the incredible eye and hand coordination that their race car heroes possess. So, using that as my rationale, can I assume that all those kids-and there are millions of them-who are experts at video games, experts at eye and hand coordination-should also be considered great athletes? And, one last point about race car driving. If people think that watching baseball games is like watching paint dry or grass grow, please tell me what comparison can be made for viewing these events? Watching cars go round and round and round and, that's truly unbelievable.

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