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  Saturday, February 28, 2015
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Josh Reddy - Running for Daylight
By Kevin Devlin

     Young gridiron halfback is a tremendous player with a promising career ahead of him

     I watched him play all season long as a member of the South Boston Pop Warner Football League "A" team.  This kid is legit, a future star in the making if he continues to progress and if he continues to keep his head on straight, which I think he will.

     He has played in this local football league for six seasons and has run for approximately 29 touchdowns.  This season alone, he has nine touchdowns to his credit.

     Against Everett and Newton respectively, on the kickoff, he returned the ball for 80 and 70 yards, both for touchdowns.

     Admittedly, his first love is football, and rightly so.  It seems that he may have been born to play this sport, and play this sport with abandon and eventually at a high level.  He's fast, he's strong, tough to bring down, and sees the holes like an experienced back.  And, he's a joy to watch on the field. 

     He has also played as a catcher and sometimes as a pitcher, in the South Boston Little League and Babe Ruth League for a total of six seasons.

     He has dabbled in the ring, boxing for four years, and recently returned to the South Boston Boxing Club to further hone his boxing skills.  Last March, at the Evacuation Day Boxing Event held at the Stretch Walsh Center, he was the recipient of the "Most Outstanding Boxer" Award in his weight class.

     His name is Josh Reddy.

     Josh, 14, is in the ninth grade and attends the Monument School at the Heights.  His nickname is Moose.  He is called this all the time by family and friends, especially with affection by  his younger sister Shannon.  Josh enjoys watching ESPN on the tube while eating his favorite food pizza, covered with a little ketchup.  Actually, according to his mom and dad, Tammy and Dave, Moose uses ketchup with just about everything he eats.  The Moose is a ketchup-head.

     Whenever he's not suited up, or hitting a baseball, or pounding the light bag, Josh just enjoys hanging out with his friends and having a good time.  He is also a gym rat and loves spending time at the Stretch Walsh Center.

     Josh's Pop Warner coach, Chris Deane, sees him as a heady, tough-nosed player whose future is bright if he continues to travel down the right path.

     "He is a hardworking player with a lot of talent," said Deane.  "If he continues to concentrate on the game, his determination and hard work could bring him to a higher level.  Josh was very coachable and I enjoyed working with him.  It was a pleasure to have him play in the Pop Warner League and I wish him well on the high school circuit."

     Mom and dad are also quite proud of Josh's accomplishments.  His mom Tammy really didn't want him to suit up for football, because being a typical mom, she was afraid he would get hurt.  But Dave pursuaded  her to let Josh try it out and they never looked back.

     "I was afraid and didn't want him to play football at first," said his mom.  "But Dave made me feel more comfortable about it, so Josh played and it's been fun.  Football is good for him with the discipline and hard work."

     Josh's dad is also proud of his accomplishments in sports and in the classroom.

     "School is a priority and then comes sports," said his dad.  "School is so important to get ahead in life and sports are good for development.  Josh is a well-liked kid, one of the captains on the football team and respected by his teammates.  We are proud of what he has done so far."

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Josh "Moose" Reddy is a gifted athlete with a bright future.