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  Friday, March 27, 2015
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Boxing Club’s October”Fist” A Big Hit

By Joe Kelly

     The South Boston Boxing Club’s first big show came out swinging, thanks to John Lydon, Helen Allix and their staff for use of the PAL/Stretch Walsh Center facility. The standing room crowd was treated to great display of boxing on the 16-fight card and a sample of the hard work that the Club’s staff has put into the program. Making their way around the gym posing for photos and autographs were Boxers “Irish” Mickey Ward and Jeff Fraza. The night must have been a blur for Director Eddie Mahoney as he covered every aspect of the show from handling the police detail glitch, wrapping hands and working the corners. The night started off with Southie boxers Billy “The Kid” Cosgrove, Billy Carey, Ryan “Iron” Kielczweski and Allen Frechette all victorious in their hard fought contests.

     Ryan Long was left waiting ringside as his opponent never showed to take on one of Southie’s best. Dave Letterier and twins Jon and Joe Dunkle gave their all against three well trained boxers from Bishops Boxing Club, many in attendance felt Joe won his contest. Jason Kelley also won a close battle against a talented boxer from the Peter Manfredo Sr. Boxing Club; Manfredo Sr. worked the corner for all his fighters. Danny Conroy battled to the final bell in his contest as well.

     I have to say of all the fighters James Lunin deserves an extra applause. Fighting his first ever three round tilt James came out with a show of sportsmanship and wanted to tap gloves. His opponent feigned the glove tap and hit James full on with a left. Now I personally think it was a bush move. This is an amateur event with it being for many of the boxers their first time in the ring, as in James’ case. I spoke with a few of the longtime boxing aficionados in attendance and many were pressed to have seen this before. One sentiment echoed was the old “protect yourself at all times”. I spoke with Friday nights ring announcer Brian “Chopper’ Dillon a few days afterwards and he said, “James was back in the ring today training as hard as ever”.

     Let us not forget the tremendous work of Jimmy “Giff” Gifford preparing the fighters all night long. Also Jimbo Curran and Danny Long working with the fighters and Dan putting on the uniform to keep the night rolling along. Finally, boxer Matty Ryan was a positive influence to all the young boxers with his encouragement and working their corners. Matty is awaiting his Professional debut, which is scheduled for this coming November 19th.

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Boxer Matty Ryan offers tips to his young protege.

Eddie Mahoney thanks Walsh Center Director John Lydon for the use of the facility.

Mickey Ward, Billy "The Kid" Cosgrove an Southie's long-time boxing star Tommy Attardo.