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  Friday, March 27, 2015
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An Update: Knights Football, 2005
By Rick Winterson

     This last weekend, the Knights came up with a win in a low-scoring game against Manchester-by-the-Sea.  Back Keith McNair scored in the first quarter.  Manchester answered with a TD and a conversion in the second quarter, making it 7-6, Manchester.

     The third quarter was scoreless.

     In the fourth quarter, quarterback Jesse Cox connected with Keith McNair for a TD, making it 12-7, South Boston.  The Knights’ defense hung in and ran the game out, with no further scoring by either squad.

According to Coach Bob Lerro, “We have a good bunch of athletes this year.  They make a good team.”  Last year, the Knights beat Manchester in another tight game, 16-8.

     George Flaherty (Third Street) and Jesse Cox (Broadway) – pictured above - are two Knights who live in South Boston.  Both play both ways – “60-minute men”, as they used to be called.  Flaherty is a Senior and plays center and defensive tackle.  His stats are 200 pounds and 5.5 in the forty.  Cox is a Junior and is the starting quarterback as well as a corner.   He’s 180 pounds and clocks a speedy 4.7 in the forty.  Cox threw the winning pass in the Manchester game.

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The South Boston Knights enjoying a football film before the game with Manchester.