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  Monday, March 2, 2015
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Posted September 29, 2005
The Fabulous Cody Zimmer
By Kevin Devlin

“He sings from the moment he wakes up until the minute he falls asleep”

     He’s a young singer who hails from South Boston, and has plans to be on stage and rock the world with his beautiful voice.

     Last year, he sang at Boston City Hall, in front of a huge crowd, prior to the Johnny Maestro and Brooklyn Bridge Concert.

     He sings at the South Boston Pop Warner Football League home games down at the McCarthy-Rosher Memorial Field.

     Last March, he was driven in the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, and sang, “A moment like this”, “A whole new world,” and the National Anthem. After the parade, our busy, young crooner sang for the crowd down at the VFW Post in Andrew Square.

     Last summer, he won the “Agassiz Idol Award” for singing at the Agassiz Village summer camp located in Poland Spring, Maine.

     He recently sang at the Bay View assisted-living elderly complex, and will be singing at Councilor Jimmy Kelly’s fundraising event, as well as the South Boston Boxing Club Show to be held at the Stretch Walsh Center in October.    

He keeps himself busy and loves to sing, his name is Cody Zimmer.

     Cody, 9, is in the fourth grade at Saint Peter’s Academy. At school, he enjoys writing and drawing. He’s doing super in school and remains focused at all times.

     “He’s getting 90’s and 100’s in his schoolwork,” said his proud mom Christine. “He has a ton of homework every night and I make he does all of it. Cody is determined to succeed and knows what he has to do.”

     After school, Cody likes to play board games like Jumangi and Monopoly. His favorite television show is, well you guessed it, American Idol. Cody also likes to swim and intends on trying out for the South Boston Boys and Girls Club swim team.

     But, without doubt, his energy, his dream, is centered on being a successful singer and striking it rich. Cody began singing when he was only two years old and hasn’t stopped since. Someday he intends to be a “Superstar” and set the world ablaze with the wonder of his voice. 

     “Cody sings from the moment he wakes up and until the minute he falls asleep,” said his Aunt Francine. “Cody is a real good kid with a lot of energy. I have no doubt that he will be a winner.”  

      Cody is working hard, keeping himself busy, and improving his singing skills every single day. He has the drive and the ambition seldom witnessed in such a young boy.

     His goals to be the best, to be a Superstar in the musical world, will take a lot of hard work, determination, practice, and fortitude. It will not be an easy task but he is ready for the challenge.

     And, I think that when the time comes, he will demonstrate to his family and friends, as well as to the entire world, that his talent was a gift that was properly honed and subsequently appreciated by all who listen to him sing.

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Cody Zimmer, the son of Christine Adams and Kevin Zimmer, plans on being a "Speedster" in the musical world someday.