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  Thursday, March 26, 2015
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Posted August 4, 2005
Robert Fenton
By Kevin Devlin

     He will be attending Odyssey in the fall, one of four newly formed cluster schools established at the former South Boston High School. This new school concentrates primarily on the sciences.

So far He has done really well in class, bringing home only A’s, B’s, and a few C’s.

     He played four seasons in the South Boston Pop Warner League, and now plays hoop in the Boston Neighborhood Basketball League (BNBL).    

     His name is Robert Fenton.

     Robert, 15, enjoys going to math class, but isn’t too keen about his language arts assignments. Nevertheless, Robert is ready to hone his science skills when he hits the Heights in September. 

     In his spare time, Robert likes to watch television or play various games on his personal computer. His favorite food is Chinese food, and he likes to eat it at least once a week.    

     When Robert puts away his athletic gear and receives his diploma, he would like to enter the law enforcement field, and become a canine police officer. He wants to help others and he loves dogs. Put them both together, and he has a job he would gladly undertake for his entire life.

     Condon Community Center recreation coordinator sees a lot of young boys and girls come in and out of his gym, and Robert is one youngster he welcomes at all times.

     “Robert’s a good kid with a good head on his shoulders,” said O’Neil. “He should do well in high school and in life. He’s determined to lead a good, solid life, and I believe he will succeed in whatever he does.”

     And, I’m sure he will succeed.

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   Robert Fenton

Robert Fenton will be attending the Odyssey School in September