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  Sunday, March 1, 2015
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Posted July 28, 2005
The Astounding Mr. Murray
By Kevin Devlin

     Don Murray will be 71 years old this upcoming October, but this hasn’t slowed down our workout guru one solitary bit. Murray lives, breathes, dreams, thinks about working out, being in shape, and eating the right foods every single moment. Without hesitation, I must say that he mimics the Energizer Bunny, the train that could, and the man that would not slow down for life or Father Time.

     The World Police and Fire Games began in 1985, and Murray began competing in them in 1987. His first trip was to San Diego. In 1989, he traveled to Vancouver, British Columbia, in 1991, the games were held in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1997, they were in Calgary, Alberta. In 2001, Murray journeyed to Indianapolis, Indiana, in 2003, he went to Barcelona, Spain, and most recently, in late June through early July, he battled against his peers in Quebec. And, every time he competed, he came home with a handful of medals.

     In Quebec, Murray won one gold, three silver, and two bronze medals. He earned a gold medal in the steeplechase, and a silver medal in the 10,000-meter (10K) race, the 5000-meter (5K) race, and in the 5000-meter race walk. His bronze medals came in the 800-meter race and the 13.1 mile half marathon event. Murray meticulously calculated that he ran 29.5 miles during that grueling, but rewarding week up north.     

     Murray has also run in 30 marathons in his life. He has crossed the finish line multiple times in Boston, New York, Pittsburgh, and in the Marine Corps Marathon held in Washington, D.C. His favorite times were when he trained with the legendary Ray Flynn and ran in New York, Ray’s favorite city besides Boston.

     Besides marathons, Murray runs in a variety of distance races, and so far this year has run in 37 races. And when he not racing, he’s working out and eating good food.

     Murray runs five days a week, and on the sixth day, he runs at least ten miles. Every other day he lifts weights for approximately 90-minutes to maintain upper body strength. Murray also takes Yoga stretching classes three times a week to stretch out those sore and worn muscles. Since Murray doesn’t drink, smoke, or gamble, he treats himself to a deep muscle massage once week, a pleasure he recommends to all.

     Murray’s diet is also something out of a nerd’s health book. He loves eating fish a least four to five times a week, his specialty being salmon. He’s a staunch believer in fruits and vegetables. Murray eats plenty of tomatoes to get the necessary vitamins and minerals that help prevent prostrate cancer in men. He also drinks flax seed oil and emulsified cod liver oil on alternating days to help purify his body.

     Murray is indeed an incredible man with a focus and determination not possessed by many mere mortals.

     Every single day he lives life according to his needs, his wants, his desires, and is happy that he does so.

     So how can you beat that?

Well, you can’t.

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Don Murray
Don Murray proudly displaying another set of medals earned at the world Police and Fire Games.