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  Sunday, March 1, 2015
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Posted June 23, 2005
Mattie, Memmy, Sugar Cube
By Kevin Devlin

     He was involved in the Boston Neighborhood Basketball League (BNBL) last summer, his first introduction to summer hoop.

His basketball team, the Wildcats, coached by Eddie Mulrey, recently won the 2005 Saint Brigid CYO house league championship.

     His South Boston Youth Hockey League house league team, O'Connell Insurance, coached by Harry Minucci, captured the 2005 title at the Murphy Rink.

     He has also skated for the Junior Bruins for the past two seasons.

     He has competed on the soccer fields at Moakley Park for the past two years, and rumor has it that he throws a mean punch while sparring against opponents in the ring at the South Boston Boxing Club.

     His roller blade squad won three consecutive Mayor Cup championships at Garvey Park in Dorchester.

     He is currently a member of the Chippewas Club in the South Boston Little League.

     He is an Honor Roll student at the Saint Brigid Elementary School.

     His name is Matthew McDonald.

     Matthew, 9, is also known to family and friends, as "Mattie, or Memmy, or Sugar Cube."

     Mattie's favorite subject is math, and his favorite food is macaroni and cheese. He loves watching Ripley's Believe it or Not on the tube. In his leisure time, he likes playing Play Station and rollerblading. Whenever possible, Mattie likes to buy interesting books at Barnes and Noble. Mattie has vacationed in Aruba and would someday love to travel to Hawaii for a long vacation.

      The last movie he saw which he really liked was Triple X State of the Universe. He would like to meet David Ortiz, because Ortiz "hits a lot of homers." And, on a more serious note, if he had his way, there wouldn't be any poor people in this world because to him this is inexcusable.

     "Mattie is a well-rounded kid, said his dad Eddie."  He's a good student and an outstanding athlete, but most importantly, he is an Honor Roll student."

Someday, Mattie would like to be either a professional baseball player or a police officer.

Whatever he chooses to do, you can be sure that he will bring that same winning attitude, that same positive mindset with him, as he takes on new challenges in life.

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Matthew McDonald
Matthew McDonald enjoys rollerblading and shopping at the Barnes and Nobles Bookstore.