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  Monday, March 2, 2015
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Posted June 9, 2005
Meet Sean O'Dwyer
By Kevin Devlin

     He has hit plenty of crucial baskets, during the course of the last five years, for his house league CYO hoop teams, at Saint Brigid's gym.

      He has journeyed to Moakley Park for the past five years during the summertime, playing his heart out every time, for his Little League teammates and managers. Now, he has graduated and is a second-year Babe Ruth League player.

      He has played in the South Boston Youth Hockey League for the past nine seasons and still has plenty of ice time left in those young, strong legs.

      His name is Sean O'Dwyer.

      Sean, 14, just graduated from Saint Brigid Elementary School and will attend Trinity Catholic High School in the fall. His favorite subject is gym, while his least favorite is Spanish. He is a dedicated student and doesn't plan on either letting himself, nor his mom and dad down, when it comes to achieving in the classroom.

     In his leisure time, Sean loves watching "American Dad" and "The Simpsons" on the tube while eating his favorite fast food, that being pizza. Additionally, Sean enjoys knocking down jump shots at the local gyms or outdoor basketball courts, roller hockey, and just "Going out with my friends."

     "He's just a great kid," said local well-known and respected community activist Joey Curran. "Sean comes from a great family, stays busy playing sports and is a polite, young kid.

     "Like everywhere else, Southie has its share of problems with the youth population," added Curran. "The city's daily newspapers always seem to make this a point by climbing all over stories of kids in trouble in this part of town, yet they never take the time to write any stories about the good kids. But we know that a lot is happening here with a bunch of good kids.

     "Overall at most times, the good things that are happening in Southie outweigh the bad," added Curran. "But it seems they are overshadowed by negative ones. That's why these stories are so great, so vitally important for the kids and for Southie"

     And, with that wisely said, let's get back to Sean.

     At this juncture in his young life, he readily admits that he likes playing hockey more than any other sport. His most pleasant sport's moment so far is when his team traveled to Lake Placid in 2004. Sean had that priceless opportunity to skate at the 1980 Olympic Rink and also the satisfaction of scoring a goal in tournament play.

     Someday, Sean envisions lacing up his skates for a professional hockey team and skating for glory, gold, and greenbacks. But he is without doubt a realist. He knows that only through consistent hard work, determination, and sacrifice can his dreams possibly turn into reality.

     And, with those thoughts captivating his imagination, he's willing to reach for the highest shelf.

     And, he's willing to do what must be done in anticipation of a successful conclusion to what he considers important in life.

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