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  Friday, February 27, 2015
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Samantha Mackie
By Kevin Devlin

     Boston Latin Academy student-athlete, enjoys golf, soccer, basketball, and design-animation

     Samantha Mackie is a busy, young girl in the classroom and on the playing fields. She loves living in Southie and enjoys the warmth and love of her family and friends.

      Samantha, 12, is a seventh grader at Boston Latin Academy. Her favorite subject is English but she isn’t too enthusiastic about her math studies. But not to worry, Samantha is a good student and constantly gets good grades.

      Samantha’s favorite food is pasta, she loves watching MTV, and her favorite color is blue. She loves playing video games and babysitting her little brother Mike. She also likes hanging out with her friends, especially at the Ollie.

     Samantha just began playing golf at school. This is her first season on the greens and practices, which are held Monday through Thursday after school, take up a considerable amount of her time and energy.

     Samantha is a soccer enthusiast and began playing in the South Boston Youth Soccer League when she was only five-years old.  Like soccer, she also ventured onto the hoop courts at the same age and started in the Gate of Heaven CYO Instructional League.

     Samantha likes to keep busy and enjoys playing a variety of sports.

“I feel good when I golf, play basketball, and soccer,” she said. “I like showing up for practices and try real hard to get better and learn new things.”

     Samantha enjoys living in Southie where she feels she can keep busy.

     “There’s always something to do,” said Samantha. “I can hang out with my family and friends or go down to the Ollie and also have some fun.”

     Samantha is a young girl but has mature ideas. If she was in charge, she said she would fight poverty, make sure there were good, quality-type schools for everyone, as well as programs and places for teenagers to go to keep them off the streets and out of trouble.

     Samantha has a lot going for her, and eventually hopes to enter the professional world of golf or travel to Japan and study design animation.

     Either path is a worthy one that will, without doubt, be followed with enthusiasm and zeal. 

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Samantha Mackie loves pasta, MTV, and hanging down at the Ollie.