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  Wednesday, March 4, 2015
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Benefit for Simon of Cyrene Society

     The meaning behind the name is simple.  Simon of Cyrene was the one who helped Jesus carry His cross.  The Society which bears his name is dedicated to those who bear, one way or another, the cross of disabilities.  And just as Simon was enriched, the members of the Society who work with persons with disabilities truly feel enriched. They experience a type of uplifting. 

     Every year, the Society has an annual fundraiser.  The proceeds go toward providing holiday meals, as well as meals during the monthly days of recollection.  The funds raised also provide for Christmas presents for members with disabilities.

     The Society, co-foundered by Sister Peggy Youngclaus SND and Rev. Tom McDonnell, is in its 26th year of existence.  It still aims to provide spiritual, social and recreational opportunities for persons with disabilities.

     This year’s fundraiser is a Breakfast to be held at Anthony’s Pier IV on Sunday, September 10th between 9 and 12.  The price of a ticket is $30.00.

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