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South Boston Online
South Boston Online
  Monday, March 2, 2015
South Boston Online
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Boston Cabinets
By Rick Winterson

     For an extensive choice and careful, complete installations of kitchen cabinets, stop in at the Boston Cabinets showroom at 190 Old Colony Avenue.   This new business opened in the spring and is already busy with complete cabinet installations, from large projects to individual residences.

     Once again, a new business has found a home in South Boston.  The old hometown is a hard-working community.  In addition, it attracts a number of entrepreneurial individuals who are in business for themselves.  Boston Cabinets, owned and operated by Peter Carr and two partners, is just such an enterprise.

     Boston Cabinets is located at 190 Old Colony Avenue.  The entrance to the showroom actually fronts on Cottage Street, a couple of steps off Old Colony.  Inside the red-awninged entrance is a full showroom, which features a large array of cabinetry.  These cabinets are fitted into actual model kitchens, so prospective clients can easily visualize how the cabinets will look after they are installed.

     This brings up some major advantages that Boston Cabinets offers.  For one thing, their selection is very wide.  They carry eight or nine well-known lines, far more than almost any other cabinet supplier.  In addition, Peter and his designer, Leah Popielarski, are always on the lookout for new and interesting cabinet motifs.  Leah will actually guide your design process for you, if you wish.

     Another advantage is described by that well-known phrase “one-stop shopping”.  Cabinets are much more than just pieces of furniture.  They have to be right; they have to fit your kitchen exactly.  Peter and his staff will “walk you through” your choice of cabinets.  They will then measure, specify, design, and install the units of your choice.

     Boston Cabinets has three full-time carpenters on its staff, who will work with your other contractors when necessary.  Having the hands-on know-how and experience to deal with contractors is important.  Boston Cabinets, even though their prime business is kitchen cabinetry, will also handle countertops, flooring, and the occasional bathroom cabinet project for you.

     Peter Carr is originally from South Boston, the son of Charles and Justine Carr.  He has an older brother and two sisters, and he graduated from South Boston High in 1973.  Peter and his wife Joanne now live in Braintree with their three children, Justine, Peter, and Lee.

     Peter has amasssed 35 years of experience as a contractor in home improvements.  He and his partners, Michael Shaughnessy and Mike McDevitt, bought out Drolet Kitchens in Pawtucket a few years ago, but they decided they needed a presence in South Boston as well.

     So, six months back, Boston Cabinets was opened, and the business has been strong since then.  They have completed 15 projects here, ranging from three-family conversions to a 25-unit condo project.  On the high end, Peter is engaged in a multi-year, 500 unit, residence project with a major local university.

     Despite the size of these jobs, Peter foresees that a major growth area for Boston Cabinets is in individual residences.  If you are thinking of renovating the kitchen in your home, you can log onto the Boston Cabinets website at www.bostoncabinets.net, which was created by Avant-Garde Graphics and is very complete.  However, Peter encourages the kitchen renovator or the owner of a fixer-upper in South Boston to stop in at Boston Cabinets’ 190 Old Colony showroom in person.  There’s nothing like seeing a full-sized installation in three dimensions.  Even if you’re just window shopping at this time, you’ll get some ideas for the future.

     Call Heather Mickevich, the Boston Cabinets Administrator, at (617)268-0200 for the showroom hours.  You’re also welcome to drop in at any time during business hours to pick up some information or ask some informal questions.  And as Peter says about Boston Cabinets,” We don’t rest until it’s done right.”   

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