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  Thursday, March 26, 2015
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Quality and Service at Charles River Publishing
By Rick Winterson

     Located within the City of Boston, Charles River Publishing, Inc., services a wide range of top-of-the-market clients, including the many local universities, business and political conventions, tourist enterprises, and South Boston Online.  They pioneered the cold web printing press as a way to obtain more attractive, higher quality high-end publications.

     This week’s business column features one of our key partners in bringing you South Boston Online every week.  That’s Charles River Publishing, Inc. owned and operated by Richard E. Saltzberg and located at One Bunker Hill Industrial Park. 

     If you want an immediate demonstration of the quality available at Charles River Publishing, simply take a look at the Online issue you’re holding.  Feel the paper, see the brightness, and check the virtually smudge free print.  The paper is 35-pound (35#) premium stock, compared to the usual directories and newspapers that range from 20# to 30#.  In addition, a typical newspaper might be printed on “59 brightness” newsprint, which has a yellow-gray undertone.  Charles River Printing uses “80 brightness” for South Boston Online – this is a quality difference you can immediately see with your own eyes.

     One of the reasons for the quality and cost-effectiveness of Charles River Publishing’s work is their particular kind of printing presses – the “cold web” press.  Cold web presses are fed with rolls of paper (the “web”) instead of individual sheets, which allows them to run extremely fast, and therefore less expensively. 

     Equally as important, the ink is air-dried after being printed on the paper stock, which is why the word “cold” is used to describe the presses.  No heating/cooling sections are needed.  Soy-based inks can be used.  Cold web presses can print single-color or four-color (four-color printing gives an essentially full color product – here again, take a look at the vibrant pictures on South Boston Online’s four-color pages).

     Also, the cold web presses at Charles River Publishing are fitted to perform finishing operations such as folding, gluing, and stitching, all of them “in-line”.  This means that your job come off the presses ready to be delivered and mailed.  Not only is this very cost-effective, it allows for on-time project completion at Charles River.  The publishing industry has always been a deadline-oriented, time-sensitive craft.  And as a final benefit, there is such a large volume of direct mail printing at Charles River that it has its own Post Office right onsite.

     Charles River Publishing prints circulars, retail/tourist flyers, and high-end catalogs for universities.  They do long-run publications as well as newspapers.  The run sizes can be as low as a few thousand; Charles River can efficiently handle jobs in a very wide price range.  One of their significant projects was the printing for the Democratic National Convention two years ago – more about that later.

Richard Saltzberg is the President of Charles River Publishing.  He is from a printing family, so he always wanted to have a printing shop of his own.  He took his dream seriously, approached a venture capitalist in Boston, and opened Charles River Printing 30 years ago.  It had six cold web presses and was initially located on M.I.T. property in Cambridge. 

     When expansion became necessary, Saltzberg moved to Bunker Hill Industrial Park in Charlestown, just off Route 99/Rutherford Avenue.  The Mayor’s office was instrumental in attracting Charles River Publishing to Boston.  They have been there since 1990, and now employ 75 people in a 55,000 square foot building.  Look for the sign as you drive by.

     Richard is married to Leslie Freedman.  She serves as the company’s Vice president and Controller.  They enjoy travel, skiing, and occasional golfing.  Richard keeps in shape by running.

     The Saltzbergs pride themselves on taking a project approach to their work.  A prime example was the Democratic National Convention.  After a successful bid, Charles River Publishing took total charge of the daily convention newspaper called the “National Journal”.  This involved 20,000-copy newspaper runs, plus special issues, and included rapid delivery to the Fleet Center.  It was a 24/7 endeavor, and it came off without a single error – an unheard-of quality level for short turnaround projects, especially during a highly charged political event.  Since then, Charles River Publishing has worked on the American Teachers Convention – it aims to become the printer of choice for all of the Convention Center’s clients and exhibitors.

     When you visit Charles River Publishing to discuss a project with Richard Saltzberg, take a look at the awards on his walls, which include first place rankings for his work with Boston Ballet and the Sierra Club.  Or examine the college catalogs, professional journals, and the vacation planner from Martha’s Vineyard that he printed.  Ask about the work he does on the “YO (Youth Opportunity) Journal”.  You’ll be impressed.

     Charles River Publishing, Inc., can be called at (617)241-5100, or you can log onto rsaltzberg@charlesriverpublishing.com.  As Richard says about the projects he completes for his clients, “Whatever it takes.

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Richard Saltzberg by one of Charles River Publishing's

cold web printing presses.

The ultra-modern Charles River Publishing facility situated in Charlestown's Bunker Hill Industrial Park, just off Route 99/Rutherford Avenue.