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  Thursday, March 26, 2015
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Talented Teens

Patrick Katarousky

By Carol Masshardt

     It seems Patrick Katarousky, 19, could fit in just about anywhere-in South Boston, his life long home, at the Jeremiah Burke School, where he graduated in 2005, and now-at Artists for Humanity.  “My friend from the Burke referred me here,” said Patrick. “I’ve been drawing all my life, but here my art has improved dramatically.  It’s the way they teach you. Now I can do shading so much better. I’m also working on a video game, you know, plot design, character creation, map lay out, all that’s a part of it.” He speaks with a technicians expertise and a poets love for what he is doing. 

     Patrick dwells in the fine points, working on every detail, while still thinking big.  He’s remarkably patient and comfortable with what others might see as frustrating.  Attending Quincy College, one of his many goals is to re-apply to New England Institute of Art. “I’m building on my portfolio,” he says, and you know that is exactly what he is doing.  “I’m learning a lot, and I’ll have more to show. I think it will work out, “he said.  Asked about longer term goals he unhesitatingly responds, “I would like to own a multi-national business, where I could use my accounting skills and design whatever the product is.”  He then moves gracefully on to show a magnificent painting he completed and hopes to sell. 


     The Katarousky name may not be new to followers of local art.  The painter John Katarousky was Pat’s grandfather.  “He died before I was born, but still he inspired me because everywhere I go-to my dentist, to the yacht club-his paintings are there, “said Patrick. His mother also is artistic, his sister sings, and brother studied under Walt Disney. 

     Pat is the kind of person who seems to know that work and art require perservenerce, and the confidence to trust that one advance leads to another. “I started with stick figures in my art class at the Burke.  That’s where I learned that before anything else, you have to get the movement right. I like technique. It works,” he said. 

     Asked to comment on Pat, Artist for Humanity artist and expert on watching and guiding developing artists, Rob Gibbs summed it up. “Super Pat-that’s what I call him. I haven’t seen a day since he’s been coming here that he hasn’t been serious about what he’s doing.  You ask him to do something and he’ll be there exactly when you want him.  He went from flat to three dimensional and he balances light and shade. He takes ordinary things and adds his own style. I ask, ‘what is this dude working on?’  It starts off as a simple, everyday thing, and it ends up as amazing.  He’s the master of the monochromomatic.  He works the hell out of technique. Pat is just the coolest. He says he   drinks a lot of Mountain Dew, but it doesn’t show!” 

     Pat obviously loves painting-just look at a finished product or see him begin a canvas and you know that. He also has an appreciation for business. Artists for Humanity students are paid $7.00 an hour, and then the work is sold to corporations and individuals. “Here you get an assignment and it prepares you to work for someone else. You do more than just do what you want to do. It helps you to know what someone else likes and wants,” he said. 

     Pat has made a great connection to an outstanding community organization. “I like coming here a lot, unless a panting isn’t going right, and then it’s like, ‘oh, man…, but then you get back to it.” 

     You might want to take a look at, or better still, buy a Patrick Katarousky painting. It seems just a matter of time before he gets the recognition to match his talent and focus.  What a fine fit he will be at New England Institute of Art or any school alert enough to see what he has to offer.  

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South Boston Artist Patrick Katarousky