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  Friday, March 27, 2015
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An Italian Family Affair
By Kevin Devlin
      On Tuesday evening, August 15, Mayor Thomas Menino presented Lori and Kristen Miller, with the annual and prestigious Italian-American Award, during festivities at the annual Italian-American Night held on East Third Street. The dynamic Miller duo also received citations from the Boston City Council, presented by Councilor Mike Flaherty (and on the behalf of Jimmy Kelly) and recognition for their unselfish deeds, from Congressman Steve Lynch, Senator Jack Hart and Representative Brian Wallace.

     Kristen, 14, was recognized for her work last Christmas in conjunction with the Italian-American Home for Children in Jamaica Plain. After being told about this home by her parents, Kristen was subsequently afforded a tour of the facility by the directors. After that tour, Kristen just wanted to help out in any way she could, and possibly make their Christmas a happier one, which she certainly did. Through her efforts in spearheading this fundraising drive, the children received toys, clothing, games, toiletries, and cash, for Christmas from many a charitable source.

     Kristen, a shy and modest, young girl, was happy that she could do something beneficial for other kids less fortunate than she is.

     "My parents told me about this home and I wanted to visit it like I did," said Kristen. "I just wanted to help out. I was happy for the kids because I knew they were going to have a good Christmas and that made me feel happy."

     Kristen's mom Lori also keeps herself busy at home and in the neighborhood. In 1985, Lori began coaching basketball for the Gate of Heaven CYO basketball program and then got involved in the Saint Brigid's hoop house league. Additionally, she is a member of the Saint Brigid's Home and School Association, the Laboure Center Home Tours Committee, as well as the South Boston Health Center Fundraising Committee.

     Lori hopes that the lessons instilled, the examples shown by her and her husband Brian, who also is involved in a variety of volunteer efforts in Southie, will eventually find a home in the hearts and minds of their four children, Kaitlin, 16, Kristen, Kimberly, 11, and someday young Brian, who is only three years old.

     "I feel that what Brian and I do as parents, as volunteers, will influence our children in a positive manner, and that this is what it's all about," Lori said. "Brian and I are proud of what Kristen accomplished and hope all the children will get involved and become active in community matters."

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Councilor Michael Flaherty,

Angela and Mayor Menino and Congressman Stephen Lynch congratulate Lori and Kristen

Miller and family at Italian Pride Night.

Lori and Kristen Miller taking it easy at their beautiful home in South Boston.