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  Sunday, March 1, 2015
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The Terror Within
By Kevin Devlin

     The latest terrorist plot plainly demonstrates that we must stand as a nation or fall divided

     The terrorist plot to blast ten American-bound planes from England from the skies clearly shows that we can never give in, never try to appease, never back down from the those ruthless terrorists whose primary agenda is to destroy America.

     I will readily admit that I was one of those Americans who was frustrated with what has been recently occurring in Iraq. I was wondering if it was a mistake and if we should begin to pull out our forces from a nation that seems to be heading towards civil war. The term complacency had been floating around media circles, that America’s inability to fight the long fight may actually be a truism. I will admit that I was beginning to lose faith in our president and his current course of action. But with the announcement of this new terrorist plot, that complacency, those doubts, have melted away like a snow cone in July. Reality set in again, rightly and thankfully so.

     Last Saturday night, I saw some antiwar demonstrators at a Dorchester intersection. Their placard read, “End the war and occupation, no military bases in Iraq.”  Do these anti-war demonstrators think that the terrorist-ignited bombs and unleashed-lethal gases will discriminate on their behalf? Don’t they realize that the terrorists hate all of us because we stand for freedom, for democracy, for equal rights for woman, for religious tolerance, for the continued separation of church and state? They hate us because we have achieved the good life that is coveted by them.

     Our enemies are relentless, brutal, murderous cowards who would kill innocent women and children without a moment of remorse. They don’t care since they are simply murderers.   They want to destroy us, wipe Western civilization off the map of the world and replace it with their brand of intolerant, religious fanaticism, their neo-fascism.

     We only have one road to follow, one path to walk down with resolve and determination. We must face our enemy and never back down. We must unite as a nation with the singular purpose to wipe out our enemies before they wipe us out. This path really never changed since 9/11, but some of us momentarily thought it may have, however this mindset was unrealistically due to wishful thinking and folly. We have no other hand to play. They have dealt us our cards and are steering us in the face, hoping that we will fold and then run away and hide. But there is nowhere to retreat from these hideous psychopaths, who are hell bent on our destruction, because they thrive on weakness.

     The terror in the skies plot that was foiled by British Intelligence and aided by their American counterparts would indeed have been a terror beyond imagination.

     Yet now, the only terror I fear is the terror from within, from inside the heartland and throughout the cities of America, the terror of fear and retreat, the terror of appeasement, weakness, and conciliation.

     The terrorists, from whatever cells, from whatever stinking hellholes they have crawled out of will not stop until they have accomplished their objectives.

     Knowing this, we must stand united and never falter. We must stay determined more so than ever, steadfast in our resolve.

     And, we must forge ahead until these despicable, loathsome enemies are defeated.

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We must stay united as a

nation and move forward

with the singular notion

that we have to fight ter-

rorism with the utmost

resolve and determination