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  Sunday, March 1, 2015
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The Bloom'n Square Open for Business in Andrew Square
By Rick Winterson

The Bloom’n Square has just come to Andrew Square.  It is a compact but diverse shop that will satisfy your needs for gifts, flowers, cards, or antiques.  And it’s convenient.  Drop in whenever you go for coffee or come home on the subway.

     Here’s a suggestion. 

     If you want to buy an original and thoughtful gift at a reasonable price, and you need something good in a hurry, go through to Andrew Station on the Red Line, where you can catch the #10 bus home.  But before you board the bus, drop in at the shop right next to Andrew Station at 573 Dorchester Avenue, which is nestled against Dunkin Donuts.

     The shop is called “The Bloom’n Square”; it’s owned and operated by Robert Callahan, who lives about a five-minute walk from there on Boston Street.  When you step inside, you may think you’ve suddenly been transported to an upscale shop on Newbury Street, but a quick look out the shop windows will prove that you’re still in Andrew Square.

The Bloom’n Square has diverse offerings – something for every member of the family, as the saying goes.  Children will be delighted with the Adora dolls, or the figures from Dungeons and Dragons and The Wizard of Oz (or if you wish, from “Wicked”, the Oz story in reverse).

     Men will like the unique clocks, or perhaps the epoxy-bronze miniatures of jazz musicians for their desks.  Graceful figurines will catch the eye of a woman, as will the unusual flowers – a few dollars a stem will get you a single huge rose of exceptional color and freshness.  There are potted plants and bouquets as well.  And there are knickknacks, light-catchers, and tabletop ornamentation of all kinds.

     Browse through the unusual greetings and gift cards.  Some of them feature stunning photographs.  Others are hand painted and lettered by two nuns.  Doesn’t that sound like a fish story?  Well, it’s the truth – stop in at The Bloom’n Square and check it out, along with the wrapping paper you can buy there.

     Finally, look at the antiques and the many unusual items Robert Callahan offers at The Bloom’n Square.  They should be seen, rather than described in words.  It’s worth the trip.  Robert does all of his own buying and stocking, so he can vouch for the quality and price of whatever he sells to you.  This also allows him to evolve his offerings as tastes and seasons change.

     Robert’s originally from Needham and was raised in Dover.  He received his degree in Fine Arts Education from Wagner College on Staten Island.  His retail experience started in Copley Square, where he was the Store Manager for Noah’s Collectors Gallery.   His responsibilities grew until he became the Director of Stores (23 of them) for Noah’s.

     When the Andrew Square space became available, Robert decided to create his own shop in it.  The Bloom’n Square opened its doors on Tuesday, July 11.  Since then, the business has been growing steadily.  Drop-in commuters started coming in for impromptu gifts.  They then told friends about The Bloom’n Square, who came there in turn.

Drop in for a visit yourself when you are in or near Andrew Square.  The hours at The Bloom’n Square are 10 to 7, Monday through Friday; 10 to 5 on Saturday; and 12 to 5 on Sunday.  The phone is (617)269-1441.

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The flower display and greeting card areas in The Bloom'n Square.

Colorful knickknacks and light-catchers with a Tiffany or pre-Raphaelite flavor are always in style.

The facade of The Bloom'n

Square, 573 Dorchester

Avenue, between the subway entrance and Dunkin' Donuts.

Robert Callahan, the propri-

etor of The Bloom'n Square,

by his shelves of metal resin statuettes (jazz players and African figures).

Some beautiful and graceful figurines look out on Andrew Square from The Bloom'n Square show window.