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  Sunday, March 1, 2015
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Sauciety - A New Concept
By Rick Winterson

    For the adventurous diner who wants service with elegance, or for the food lover who wants to learn about sauces, try Sauciety in the Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel.  And don’t miss the skewers or the french fries.  Will you agree that the fries are the best ever?

     The restaurant named Sauciety is just off the birch-treed lobby of the new Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel, which is located next to the Convention Center.  Its entrance is inset with glass and black accents.  Soft gobbo lighting projects the name “Sauciety” onto the white wall by the door.

     The menus give the derivation of the restaurant’s name.  It combines the words sauce and society into “Sauciety” – “… where people come together to share … flavorful sauces.”

     This is the idea of Sauciety, and it is refreshingly new.  Whether at lunch or dinner, your appetizers and entrees come with small, square dishes of sauces that you and your friends can dip into and share.  With your entrees (the pork chop and yellow fin tuna are shown), you receive two recommended sauces.  You can choose your own, if you want to experiment.  At a table for four, you can end up with as many as eight different sauces.  The result is a kind of “sauce fondue”.

    A few words about the entrees:  the ingredients are the highest and freshest quality.  Poultry, seafood, and meats are offered at dinner – the buzz centers on the pan roasted pork chop.  There is a separate lunch menu with varied “lunch plates” and large, appetizing sandwiches. 

     And yes, you can get a humongous, flame-grilled, black angus cheeseburger.  Hey, we’re still in America.  That burger comes with a tomato-onion marmalade, or you can ask for whiskey-spiked ketchup instead.  And speaking of America, some 90% of Sauciety’s quite excellent wine list comes from the U.S.

    More than a few words about the sauces:  They are broken down into mild, bold, and spicy.  Your waiter will explain the Sauciety concept, and help you select sauces.  But don’t be the slightest bit afraid to experiment on your own.  One of the mild sauces is called “parmesan foam”; an “ale-caramelized onion” is among the bolds; the spicy category includes a “chimichurri” and a “five-chili (!) mole”.  Mouth-watering, indeed.  Desserts also come with dipping sauces, such as lemon curd, red berry, and chocolate.

     Two specialties stand out:  Sauciety’s patented “skewers” are a must.  You can make a meal off of them if you wish.  They come beautifully arranged in a square metal holder with the sauce dishes below.  Then there’s the French fries flavored with sea salt, and accompanied by whiskey-spiked ketchup and a garlic mayonnaise.  They’re the best!

     Luis Sanchez and Roy Darling are key Sauciety personnel.  Luis is the Restaurant General Manager.  He’s a Bostonian and a UMass grad, who loves the give-and-take of hotel restaurant operations.  He invites residents of South Boston to experience Sauciety.  Roy, the Executive Sous Chef, is from Jamaica.  He trained at New Hampshire College and the Culinary Institute of America.  His experience included the Seafood Authority on the Vineyard and the Sheraton Colonial on 128 in Wakefield before he came to Sauciety.

     As for the service, an actual note from two patrons will demonstrate that for you - “To Jake, John, Andrea, and staff:  Thank you for sharing our 37th wedding anniversary with us.  You were wonderful.  We will be back.  We cannot thank you enough for your incredible kindness and thoughtfulness.  We so love the Westin Waterfront and … Sauciety.  Fondly, Ann & Tom.”

     Enough said.

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The entrance to Sauciety, just off the main lobby in the new Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel.

Some signature dishes of Sauciety - the pork chop, grilled yellow fin tuna, a dessert plate, and their trademark "skewers" accompanied by sauces.

Sauciety's Roy Darling, Executive Sous Chef, and Luis Sanchez, Restaurant General Manager.