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  Monday, August 7, 2006
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BAC Dancers Invade Manor
By Rick Winterson

     Tuesday afternoon, July 25, the “Forever Fit” Dancers from the B.A.C. stormed the Marian Manor under cover of daylight.  They were stopped at the third floor, where they put on a recital that will be long remembered.

     The “Forever Fits” are a group of women who use dance routines at the B.A.C., not only to keep aerobically fit, but also to create a terrific show.  And to have fun as well.  The dancers are led by coach, mentor, and facilitator Denise Harrington.

     Much of the music was provided by Ted Finnegan.  He plays for the Castle Island Association, St. Vincent’s Parish, and the Red Sox, for all anyone knows.  In addition, he accompanied a singalong that ranged from “Heart of My Heart” to selections from George M. Cohan’s repertoire.

     Harrington’s troupe performed routines to classic dance songs for an hour, with only one short break to change costumes.  Their ensemble work, coupled with their obvious enthusiasm, was a joy to behold.  Perhaps the high point was the opening of the “Forever Fit” Dancers’ second act – an athletic ensemble dance routine to “Chicago’s” signature song, “All That Jazz”.  And the ladies looked great in the black tights.

     The music was infectious and catchy.  Some Marian Manor guests and staff danced along.  If the audience has anything to say about it, the “Forever Fit” Dancers will return.  To quote the Terminator, “We’ll be back!”

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Act One of the B.A.C. Dance

recital at the Marian Manor. Reach for it, gals! Pianist Ted

Finnegan is accompanying the ladies.

The B.A.C.'s "Forever Fit"

dance troupe, led by Denise Harrington, opens Act II with

"All That Jazz" from "Chicago".

Pat (Foley) Morelli and

Charleene (Foley) O'Donnell

trip the light fantastic at

Marian Manor. Their mother,

Alice Foley, was in the audience.