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  Friday, March 27, 2015
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G. Preston Construction
By Rick Winterson

     If you need an independent contractor who can “raise your roof” for a good reason, or who’ll handle one of those small, skilled upgrades, improvements, or property services, give G. Preston Construction a call.

     You may not have realized it, but you have probably seen some of Glenn Preston’s work here in South Boston.  His business, G.Preston Construction, has done jobs along Broadway, on P Street, and on West Fourth, as well as in the Andrew Square area.   If you noticed an American flag displayed by the contractor on a home renovation, it was one of Glenn’s jobs.  He flies the flag on all his projects.

     He’ll take on large or small jobs – he has upgraded windows for less than $1,000, and has successfully completed projects well into the low, six-figure range.  G. Preston Construction works mostly in the Metro Boston area but has had jobs from Marshfield up to Hamilton.

     Part of Glenn’s services involves the planning aspects of small jobs.  He can develop and assemble prints himself, and then get them signed off before beginning the job.  This saves money and time for his clients.  If the client wants, Glenn will do the framing, roofing, and window installation to a watertight condition, and let the client do the rest of the subcontracting himself. 

     An example of a larger job, he handled a $30,000 high-end window replacement project in Wenham.  And a specialty is working with existing homes to add a level or extra living space – that’s where the slogan “raising your roof” comes from.

     On a major job in nearby Milton, G. Preston Construction changed the roof pitch to a shed dormer configuration, on a home with a 48-foot frontage.  Glenn worked off of architect’s drawings in this case.  The job involved a master bedroom/bath and three other rooms.    When the project was finished, the home now had added space that was equivalent to a full third floor.

     Glenn Preston is from the area.  He was born in Beverly and graduated from Hamilton High.  He then moved to South Boston, where he lived for 11 years.  Glenn is a Jake – a firefighter on Engine 17 in Dorchester’s Meeting House Hill Station.

     Just seven weeks ago, he married Sonneva “Eva” Jakab.  The two of them originally met at the Dunkin’ Donuts in Edward Everett Square.  They were standing in line next to each other, and Glenn asked Eva, “How’re you doing?”  She answered, “Fine.  How’re you doing?”  And it took off from there.  Eva is from Vermont; she is a social worker.  Currently, they live in Readville.

     As is so often the case, Glenn got his construction experience working for other small contractors, something he did for close to ten years.  Eventually, he was running whole jobs for them.  In 2001, he decided to use his experience on his own behalf and went independent by setting up G. Preston Construction.  That was five years ago, and he has never looked back.

    While Glenn’s jobs involve a lot of carpentry and roofing, he also offers other important services.  Among these are pressure washing and snowplowing.  For both services, he has his own equipment.

G. Preston Construction is licensed and insured (general liability, workmen’s comp).  Glenn has his Commonwealth of Massachusetts licenses in both home improvements and general contracting.  He is a member of the Building Trades Association and the Better Business Bureau, both of whom have their own websites.

     Naturally, Glenn will provide free estimates and references upon request.  Give him a call at (781)760-9646. 

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Glenn Preston, the owner of G. Preston Construction. Look for his trademark American flag on each job.