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  Friday, March 27, 2015
South Boston Online
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A Neighborhood Mother's Day
By Rick Winterson


               One of the two shopping malls            One of the two shopping malls in

               in South Boston. We call it                   South Boston. We call it South Boston

               South Boston.

     As South Boston’s neighborhood weekly newspaper, South Boston Online of course supports local enterprises.  We think that our neighborhood has a lot to offer.  With Mother’s Day approaching, we are pleasantly surprised at how much is available near where we live.

     A sort of “random walk” past the many shops, stores, and restaurants around here gave us a lot of ideas for our own individual Mother’s Day observances.  In no particular order of importance, let us share some of our thoughts with you.  And remember, every one of them can be found close by.

     Taking your Mom out to eat on her day is traditional.  American menus of all kinds can be found locally, from steaks tips to seafood.  The surroundings can be elegant, with limited gourmet menus, or casual, like diners with “comfort food”.  If she likes baseball, the sports pubs in South Boston will be fun places to go on Sunday afternoon.  Brunches, some with entertainment, are popular.  If your mother is an adventurous diner, you can bring her to an ethnic restaurant – Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Thai, Polish.  It’s all good – the Best of Boston in some cases – and it’s all local.

     Perhaps your mother would enjoy a party at home.  But don’t cook, if your time is short.  Mother’s Day is for everyone to enjoy.  Instead, order in some platters and some containers of hot food.  Stick them on the stove and serve them when you’re ready.  Pizza, cold plates, sinful dessert platters, South Boston’s favorite chicken-broccoli-ziti, and hundreds of other “take-outs” can be delivered reliably in an hour or less.

     As for beverages, good wines and premium beers are featured in many of the local package stores.  Would you like to do something memorable?  Buy a bottle or two of champagne, and toast your mother with the old bubbly.  If you are unfamiliar with sparkling wines, the counter personnel can help you.  As a suggestion, try Great Western pink sparkling wine from upstate New York.  And despite what you see in the media, open champagne slowly.  Don’t pop the cork – you’ll lose a lot of its fizziness if you do.

     Finding a present in local shops for Mother’s Day is easy.  South Boston has a number of unusual gift stores and boutiques; there are gift sections in many other stores.  Wrapping paper, decorations, and a very wide selection of Mother’s Day cards are easily available.  Did you ever try to find just the right card and gift-wrap in a large mall?  Good luck!  Try South Boston’s local shops instead. 

     Beautiful, long-lasting flowers and arrangements are readily available at many South Boston’s florists.  Perhaps a plant or a dried arrangement, which will last indefinitely, would remind your mother of her day, long after it’s over.  Taking that thought a step further, how about a set of permanent plantings for your mother’s windows, deck, or yard?  Not only the plants, but also the tools and supplies to care for them, can be bought in the neighborhood.

     Gift certificates are useful when you want to give your mother some personal services.  Membership in a health club, a day at a personal care shop, or a complete housecleaning by an outside cleaning service might bring a smile (or a happy tear) to a mother’s face.  You can find all of these services locally.

    Think of the growing art scene in South Boston.  Antiques of many kinds can be found here.  Two art galleries – the SBAA Gallery at 369 West Broadway and the Crump-McCole Gallery at 200 Seaport Boulevard – can provide your favorite mother with a South Boston scene that she’ll never tire of looking at.

     Remember, Mother’s Day should be thoughtful, not expensive.  In fact, make a weekend out of Mother’s Day.  Take your mother shopping on Saturday.  You can conceal your gift in some brown paper, if you want to surprise her on Sunday.  If it’s a warm day, stop somewhere close by for some ice cream and a cool drink, or go out to the Island.  If you make her day last the whole weekend, it’ll be a Mother’s Day she won’t forget.

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