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South Boston Online
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  Friday, March 27, 2015
South Boston Online
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"Support Our Sports" a Huge Success
By Rick Winterson

     The quotes from the crowd who attended “Support Our Sports” were extremely complimentary.  “Great cause, great turnout”; “Marvelous wines and excellent food”; and “I loved everything about it” were typical comments.

     The occasion, of course, was the “Support Our Sports” fundraiser hosted last Sunday by SOUTH Kitchen and Wine Bar.  The money raised went to the South Boston Athletic Association.

     The food presented by Executive Chef Jerome Watkins was natural, American, and extremely well prepared.  Grilled chicken breasts and poached fish filets were complemented by a discreetly dressed salad and a mixture of steamed broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower.  SOUTH’s patented comfort food, their macaroni and cheese, was served in abundance. 

     The wines were a four-year-old Red Diamond shiraz from Washington state, and a Virgin Vines California chardonnay.  Desserts comprised bread pudding and a chocolate mousse that drove the chocoholics in the crowd wild.

     Co-owner Brian Culkin and his staff didn’t stop for a moment.  They truly went “above and beyond” in their efforts to please the partygoers.  They certainly succeeded.

     And it was a party indeed.  More than 250 showed up, and all of them stayed to the very end.  Laughter and friendly greetings resounded from wall to wall.  There were smiles on every face, and no one was stranger, no one was out of place.

     An April Sunday afternoon was the ideal time and day to have the “Support Our Sports” fundraiser.  It was still light, the ballgame had just finished, and although the event lasted four hours, it was still early evening when it concluded.  Rep. Brian Wallace said this could become another Southie tradition.  Jim Lydon said the chocolate mousse gave him a buzz, but nonetheless, he went back for another serving.

     And the SOUTH Kitchen and Wine Bar, along with its talented and hardworking staff, were certainly ideal hosts.  They did an outstanding job. 

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