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South Boston Online
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  Thursday, March 5, 2015
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SNAPCHEF Comes to South Boston
By Rick Winterosn

     Whether you are seeking trained, competent associates, or are looking for a new way to start a career in Boston’s thriving hospitality industry, your solution has arrived in South Boston.  It’s called SNAPCHEF, and it’s in new quarters at 239 Dorchester Street on the corner of Eighth.

     Executive Chef Todd Snopkowski is the founder/owner of SNAPCHEF, which recently opened its South Boston office at 239 Dorchester Street.  He serves two groups of customers. 

     The first group consists of people who manage the thriving hospitality scene in and around Boston.  This group needs capable, motivated hospitality personnel at all levels – people who are trained and enthusiastic.  SNAPCHEF provides these customers with pre-qualified and trained candidates, who want short-term, temporary, or permanent positions.

     The second group of clients is the candidates themselves.  Service is a key factor in the hospitality industry.  Those who are associated with hospitality must be able to get the job done right.  As its brochure says, SNAPCHEF will “go the extra mile to be sure our candidates have the training and qualifications they need …”.  In fact, SNAPCHEF trains individuals who are already working for hotels, restaurants, and so on.

Hospitality is a rapidly growing profession in Boston.  Just take a walk along the waterfront to prove this to yourself.  But hospitality is much more than hotels.  The new Convention Center, Gillette Stadium, Fenway Park, upscale businesses, Boston’s renowned colleges and hospitals, and the historic sights that attract so many tourists to Boston all require hard-working and knowledgeable hospitality associates. 

     There are economic studies that predict the hospitality industry will become Boston’s major source of jobs.  These will range from entry-level positions to executive chefs and bar managers.  And this is where

     SNAPCHEF comes in – for both clients and individuals, SNAPCHEF will find and train capable staff, who later can become permanent employees if they wish.  Compare that with putting on day labor – half of those hires have no skills, and some never even show up.

SNAPCHEF offers several training programs that will ensure its culinary staffing candidates are well-qualified.  Among these are “ServSafe” and “TIPS”.  ServSafe is a program that teaches the techniques of handling and preparing clean, wholesome food.  TIPS is a course in serving alcoholic beverages in a responsible manner.  Both are required in hospitality establishments.  SNAPCHEF takes on the responsibility for providing these courses, so that establishments don’t need to set up their own training programs.

     By the way, SNAPCHEF is delighted to be part of the South Boston business community.  As Todd Snopkowski says, “Our entire team is thrilled that we have moved to Southie – it feels so right.  We want to be a part of this vibrant area with these awesome folks.”  SNAPCHEF is teaming up with Anthony Gilardi’s South Boston Resource Center to provide training and job opportunities in the neighborhood.

     Whether you are an employer or a prospective hospitality associate, how can you get started on the SNAPCHEF road to success?  Simply call Ed Christian, SNAPCHEF’s Operations and General Manager, at the SNAPCHEF South Boston Staffing & Training Center, 239 Dorchester Street – (617)264-CHEF (or 2433).  Or log onto www.snapchef.com.  According to Ed, “We take pride in the people we pre-screen, train, and send out.  Doing this with community groups is very rewarding.”

     And when you visit SNAPCHEF, ask about the SNAPCHEF cook who was given a million-dollar lottery ticket at Gillette Stadium.

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The SNAPCHEF staff - Ed,

Danielle, and Toddy

Snopkowski, Executive Chef.

The well-appointed training

kitchen at SNAPCHEF's 239 Dorchester Street location.

The newly renovated facade of SNAPCHEF at 239 Dorchester Street (NW corner of Dorchester and Eighth).