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South Boston Online
South Boston Online
  Thursday, March 26, 2015
South Boston Online
South Boston Online
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Support Our Sports: Sunday, April 30

     From 4:30 until 8:30, on Sunday, April 30, SOUTH Kitchen and Wine Bar will host a get-acquainted wine tasting and light buffet at its 77 Dorchester Street location (a few steps from Perkins Square).  The proceeds from the wine tasting and buffet will go to a group of sports teams who have joined together under an umbrella organization called “The South Boston Sports Association”.

     The fundraiser will help underwrite the cost of equipment for young athletes taking part in the many sports programs South Boston offers.  Among these are Pop Warner football, Little League, hockey, basketball, softball (new), and the increasingly popular sport of Lacrosse.  For sports trivia fans, Lacrosse is the national sport of Canada, not hockey.

     Just as important is the need for adult volunteers to help coach, referee, and administer these sports programs.  SOUTH’s wine tasting and buffet is an attempt to reach out to the newer residents of South Boston.  If you have moved here over the last five years or so, stop in at SOUTH on Sunday, April 30.  You’ll be welcomed by some fine people, who are also your neighbors.

     You will find out how to enroll your sons and daughters in the thriving South Boston athletic scene.  If you played sports in high school or college, perhaps you would consider becoming one of the team volunteers.  Those of you who have lived here for awhile know that South Boston is a true urban neighborhood – one of the few left.  Assisting youth sports teams, in whatever way you can, is a great way to become acquainted with the men and women living in South Boston – or “Southie” to its residents – America’s hometown.

     See you there.  

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