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  Friday, March 6, 2015
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Wild Plums Celebrates Third Anniversary
By Rick Winterson

     It’s always nice to report on a business success in South Boston, especially one that has done as well as “Wild Plums”.  It’s also a pleasure to wish Wild Plums well on its third anniversary – the store opened on Tuesday, April 8, 2003.

     Wild Plums is owned and operated by Julie and Stephen Galgay.  It specializes in gifts and clothing for the very young – from the newborn up to the early school years.  That includes First Communion outfits, as well as both warm and cold weather clothes.

     The gifts in Wild Plum’s expanded line are not only unusual, they are also demonstrably thoughtful.  They carry an extensive line of offerings that can be personalized for each youngster.  Hand painted and fired ceramic plates with each child’s name on them are among the most popular gifts.  Monogrammed carry-cases and customized paintings are other attractive personalized items the kids love.

     One unusual toy at Wild Plums goes back centuries.  That’s the cock-horse, which is the head of a horse (or unicorn) on a riding stick (“Ride a cock-horse to Banbury Cross …”, as the old nursery rhyme goes).  The version at Wild Plums comes with a battery-operated “clippity-clop” sound.  And if you want to encourage a reader in your family, let your child browse through the marvelous book selection in the store.

     Both Julie and Stephen are of Irish descent.  He wasn’t sure of his background, until he ran into someone in an airport check-in line, who recognized the name “Galgay”.  The person in the check-in line played cards every week with a Galgay family from Waterford in Ireland.

     Julie’s family name is Drinan, which is Gaelic for “blackthorn”.  Another name for blackthorn is “wild plum” because of the purplish fruit it bears.  So, now you know where the store’s name comes from.

     Wild Plums has become known as a “destination store”.  That’s defined as a store that people make a special trip to visit, in order to purchase a specific item.  Usually, destination stores get their reputation by word of mouth.  About half of Wild Plums’ business now comes from outside South Boston.  It draws from as far away as Worcester, Nashua, and Marblehead.  A customer from Kingston saw a Communion outfit she liked and was referred to Wild Plums.  She willingly made the trip to South Boston to get the exact dress she wanted.

     During the anniversary week, until April 15, Wild Plums is celebrating with an Anniversary and Easter Sale.  Books, gifts, and selected Easter attire are steeply discounted.  There’s also a contest for budding artists.  The best self-portrait will win a $100 savings bond.  And get on the mailing list for “Mom’s Mystery Shopping Night”.  On the last Friday of every month, Julie and Stephen pick a line to place on sale for significantly reduced prices.  Recently, the Baby Lulu and the Petite Bateau lines were selected for the Mystery Nights.

     Julie has recently become a Board Member at Laboure, which fills her spare time.  Stephen says, “Me?  I just mind the kids.” – Grace (6) and Liam (2).  If Stephen and Julie are out, you’ll be attended to by Wild Plums’ key associate, Shandra Lerro.

     (NOTE:  Wild Plums is located at 601 East Broadway.  The number is (617)268-0451, or log onto www.wildplums.com)

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Stephen Galgay with two Fourth

of July outfits.  Note Wild Plum's personalized children's gifts on

the shelves.

The facade of Wild Plums at 601 East Broadway.