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  Saturday, February 28, 2015
South Boston Online
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SOUTH Supports Our Sports
By Rick Winterson

     Be sure to reserve Sunday afternoon and evening on April 30.  From 4:30 until 8:30 p.m., SOUTH Kitchen and Wine Bar has graciously offered their new facility at 77 Dorchester Street for a wine tasting and light buffet.  All of the proceeds from the wine tasting and buffet will be donated by SOUTH to a number of youth sports programs and events.

     There are many reasons that SOUTH has decided to open their facility to this event. 

     Most important, sports programs are a major activity here in South Boston, and they need support.  New programs, such as Little League softball for girls and lacrosse (the fastest-growing participant sport in the U.S.), as well as the ever-popular ongoing sports programs - football, basketball, baseball, hockey - need funding to continue their good work.

     Also, SOUTH wants to become a contributing part of the local community.  The new management at SOUTH knows that local businesses should support South Boston and the people who live here.

     Another reason is to reach out to the many new residents in South Boston.  Newcomers may want to get their children onto sports teams, but don’t know whom to contact.  Many coaches and team managers will be attending the wine tasting on that Sunday, April 30.  Just ask anyone when you get there.  And if you haven’t been to SOUTH, it’s an elegant place to visit.

     If you have an interest in sports, perhaps you would consider helping a team by volunteering for a job.  Experienced coaches will train you to become a referee, an assistant coach, or an official.  If you have a business or office in South Boston, perhaps you would be interested in sponsoring a team.  There really is no greater satisfaction than helping boys and girls realize their potentials.  And if you are applying to a college or looking for that first job, working on youth athletics is an excellent way to round out your resume.  But you’ll be under no obligation to “sign up” – just come and enjoy yourself.

     Finally, the wine tasting and buffet is a wonderful way to meet your neighbors and make some new friends.  South Boston is a true urban neighborhood.  If you have recently moved in, acquaint yourself with the wonderful people here, and take part in the South Boston scene.  And to repeat, SOUTH is a great place to go.

     The tickets to the event are $20.  The proceeds will be split evenly between participating sports programs, who have come together under a temporary organizational umbrella called “The South Boston Sports Association”.

    See you there.

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