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  Sunday, March 1, 2015
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Join Us For Easter
By Rick Winterson

     The food pantry, which started at St. Augustine Church under the watchful eyes of Fr. Tom McDonnell and Frank and Patsy Kelley, is alive and well.  The pantry will provide the regular annual Easter Banquet in the St. Monica and St. Augustine Church Hall, overlooking the Old Colony traffic circle.

     Come in for coffee at 11 a.m. and stay for Easter dinner.  The banquet is a celebration and a chance to meet some great people.  It’s purely to be enjoyed.  You don’t have to be a parishioner, or a Catholic, or even a resident of South Boston.  Even if you can’t stay and eat, feel free to stop in and say hello to everyone.  You are welcome, whoever you are. 

     Fr. Robert Kennedy is the Pastor of St. Monica and St. Augustine.  He refers to the food pantry’s dinners as “a cycle of Holiday Season banquets”.  He is delighted that the dinners continued after the consolidation of St. Augustine into St. Monica Parish, and gives credit to the efforts and outreach of Frank and Patsy Kelley, along with their hardworking helpers.  When you come for Easter dinner, be sure to say “hello” to John, Peggy, Eileen, Chico, Butchie, Bernie, and whomever else is there.  You’ll see a bunch of volunteer cooks and servers who are having as much fun as the diners – it’s a great time.

     And the food is really good.  Special, honey-glazed ham, carved on the spot by Frank Kelley’s crew, accompanied by a pineapple-raisin sauce.  Mashed potatoes, peas-and-carrots, followed by apple pie.  By the way, Frank comes by his cooking talents honestly.  He was an Army cook and is accustomed to preparing food for large numbers of diners on a regular basis, including major Holidays.

     The food pantry started back in 1981, so it is celebrating its Silver Anniversary this year.  When you come in, be sure to wish Frank and Patsy a Happy 25th Anniversary.  They may not even be aware how long the food pantry has been around.

     Fr. Kennedy is connected with the Community Harvest Project, which has cooperative farms in Hopkinton and Grafton.  These farms grow upwards of 20 tons of fresh produce every year.  The harvest is distributed to open kitchens around the state.  St. Monica and St. Augustine Church is intimately involved with “feeding the hungry”.

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