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  Thursday, February 26, 2015
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St. Peter Academy Relocates
By Rick Winterson

     After a two-year Odyssey, St. Peter Academy is finally settled into a new, and permanent, home at 371 West Fourth Street, which was originally part of the Laboure complex.  The students took the relocation in stride, perhaps more so than the teachers and staff.

     In its drive to consolidate, the Archdiocese of Boston decided to close St. Peter’s School in South Boston almost two years ago.  The parents of the students and the supporters of the school immediately formed an action group to keep the school open.  For reasons that are still unclear, and are history by now anyhow, purchasing the school building from the Archdiocese was not an option.

     Late in the summer of 2004, the St. Peter “rescue committee” took over an unused office building at 815 East Fifth Street.  Four frantic weeks later, the building was ready, and the new St. Peter Academy was opened.  The details of that move and St. Peter’s first year on its own were described in South Boston Online, February 24, 2005 (page five).

     Despite the effort put into the Fifth Street location, it was clear that this was only a temporary site.  St. Peter Academy borrowed lunchroom space from St. Matthew and the Redeemer Episcopal church, and used the Curley Community Center for play and exercise.  The search for other quarters began at once.

     As is well known, the Laboure Center moved into a brand new building on D Street and Broadway, leaving its buildings on Fourth Street unoccupied.  These were bought by the developer, Joseph Fallon, for various kinds of residences, including market-priced condominiums.  After some negotiating, he agreed to sell Laboure’s nursery school building at 371 West Fourth Street to the Board of Directors of St. Peter Academy.  The closing took place on September 12, 2005.

     The building required significant interior work and extensive upgrading.  The “red jackets” from the City Year program volunteered last fall.  Individuals with community service requirements were assigned to St. Peter Academy by the Courts.  Jay Hurley’s Ironworkers from Local #7 moved kitchen equipment.  Keith Buchanan of Sounder Systems alarmed the building.  Tom Rovero drew up and stamped the fire protection plan.  And it all came together in mid-March.

     The relocation began on Wednesday and Thursday, March 15 and 16.  The students spent half-days at the Boys & Girls Club.  The upper grades scheduled field trips and outside activities.  Work continued over the Evacuation Day holiday weekend.  It was hard, but the Academy’s staff and volunteers had learned well during their move to the Fifth Street building. St. Peter Academy welcomed its students to their new home at 371 West Fourth Street on Monday, March 20.

     St. Peter Academy has 11 grades – pre-school, K1, K2, and grades 1 through 8.  Enrollment is 128.  The school is encouraging more enrollments, but is dedicated to keeping class sizes small.  All the classes are now well under 20 students.  The Academy’s Philosophy statement specifies a Catholic focus, family orientation, and educational excellence.  Enrollment is open to qualified students of any religious persuasion.

     Just as a reminder, St. Peter Academy will hold a Comedy Night fundraiser at The Cornerstone on Saturday evening, April 8, beginning at 7:30 p.m.  Tom Flaherty has lined up a headlining slate of comic talent.

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St. Peter Academy School

Principal Janice Carthas

welcomes her students to

the new location at 371 West Fourth Street.

Matt Sances and Andy Dilba

(7th and 8th Grade teachers

at St. Peter Academy) are

setting up their classrooms.

Southie ladies Colleen Miller

(Pre-school) and Kylie Hogan

(K-1) pitch in at St. Peter Academy's new location on

Fourth Street.