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  Friday, March 6, 2015
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Curves - Now Under New Ownership
By Rick Winterson

     There are all new faces at Curves, 391 West Broadway.  The new owners, Susan Dillon and Kelley Moran, came over here from their successful, 600-member Curves in Roslindale.  They welcome new members, as well as current active Curves members.

     Many sayings deal with business turnarounds.  One of them is “snatching victory from the jaws of defeat”.  Perhaps more pertinent is the saying, “Putting a different curve on matters.”  That fits the Curves name, and reminds us the baseball season about to open.

     That’s what Susan Dillon and Kelley Moran are engaged in – a business turnaround at Curves, 361 West Broadway.  South Boston Online has often commented on the risk that goes along with starting up new enterprises.  It is even riskier to take over a business that has had problems and turn it around.  Yet, that’s exactly what Susan and Kelley are doing.

     Here’s how it all happened.  A year ago, six associates from Boston approached Curves headquarters and got franchises for six separate Curves all around Boston.  For some reason, they thought it would be possible to share the work at these franchises and operate all six on a shoestring.  Things did not go well.  In business terms, the associates “became overextended”.  Well, very quickly all six went into bankruptcy.  The bankruptcy judge ordered the doors closed at 361 West Broadway last fall.

     As soon as the Curves franchise on West Broadway cleared bankruptcy, Susan and Kelley took it over.  They reopened on March 3.  But why did they take such a big risk?

     First, despite the risk, it looked like a good opportunity.  Local activist Harry Uhlman is a close Dillon family friend and he encouraged them to step up.  Second, they are very strong believers in the Curves concept.  They saw their Roslindale operation grow to 600 members over four years.  Third, they love South Boston.  In Susan’s words, “We decided to prove to the women of South Boston what Curves really should be.”

     Kelley and Susan have started off right.  The key to new operations is the caliber of people there.  Susan Sweeney is now managing the Roslindale operation.  Lori Dillon, Susan’s daughter, manages the 361 West Broadway Curves.  This leaves Susan and Kelley free to see to the overall ownership responsibilities.  And you will see the difference.

     There are two major reasons that the Curves concept works so well.  The Curves exercise program is brief and structured, and it has been carefully researched.  The 30-minute workout includes the five basics – warmup, cardiovascular, strength, cooldown, and stretch.  It’s a perfect fit for the professional or family woman who needs exercise (don’t we all?), but whose free time is necessarily short.

     Just as important, Curves is a cheerful and welcoming place for women to go.  Both Susan and Kelley say, “Curves offers a comfortable and nurturing environment, where people care and want to make sure the time spent at Curves is successful”.  The smiles and laughter at Curves really constitute a “sixth basic” in your workout

     Curves is by now a worldwide enterprise, with more than 4 million members and 9,000 franchises around the globe.  It is the largest fitness franchise in the world and the only one catering exclusively to women.  Log onto curves.com to find out more about it.

     In the meantime, stop by 361 West Broadway and talk with the new owners, Susan Dillon and Kelley Moran.  Members who were current and active at the time of the closure last fall can resume workouts with no re-enrollment fee.  In fact, Kelley and Susan have carefully cleaned and kept everything, so if you left a pair of sneakers there, stop down and retrieve them.  In their words, “Please come back.  You will love it here.”

     Curves can be called at (617)464-3900

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(Standing) Lori Dillon,

Curves manager; Susan

Sweeney, from the Roslindale Curves. (seated) The new

Curves owners, Kelley Moran

and Susan Dillon.

The facade of Curves.  Their location at 391 West Broadway

is under new ownership.