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  Thursday, March 26, 2015
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St. Peter Academy News

     Mardi Gras at St. Peter Academy

     On Tuesday, February 28, students and teachers at St. Peter Academy celebrated “Fat Tuesday” in preparation for the season of Lent.  The school was decorated with green, gold, and purple balloons, streamers and cutouts and the students and teachers wore these official Mardi Gras colors too. 

     We started the day with a Mardi Gras prayer service and learned the religious history of this special day.  The children in preschool – grade 2 were given jester hats and feathered masks made by Mrs. Carthas and the older students bought beads to wear.  Miss Aimee, our Art teacher, helped the students create mask magnets with paint, glitter and feathers.  Miss Miller and Mrs. Leard led the preschoolers on a parade through all of the classrooms.  After lunch it was time for the feast of juice, chips, and candy bars.  Everyone had a great day on Mardi Gras!!!

     A Tour of Our Nation's Capital

     Miss Collins’ second grade class is studying our nation’s capital in Social Studies and guided Mrs. Carthas on a tour of Washington, D.C. in their classroom.  The classroom was decorated in red, white, and blue streamers and stars and the students, as tour guides, wore American hats and crowns.  The first stop on the tour was the Lincoln Memorial presented by Hannah, Brittney, and Kaylen.  Did you know that the 36 Doric columns on the memorial represent the 36 states of the union when Lincoln was president?  Next, Colin, Katrina, and Gerard presented the National Museum of American History where the inaugural gowns of all the First Ladies are on exhibition.  The Washington Monument, presented by Shauna, Alexis and Paige, was the next stop on the tour.  It was interested to find out that there are 897 steps to climb to reach the top.  Thank goodness it also has an elevator.  The Capitol Building, presented by Darby, Jessica and Dylan, is the building where our government makes the laws.  The final stop on the tour was the White House, presented by Emerson and Kaylee.  Did you know that the White House has 32 bathrooms and its own bowling alley?  Now that’s a big house!  All of the students were well informed and Mrs. Carthas enjoyed her tour of Washington, D.C., our nation’s capital, hosted by Grade 2 and Miss Collins.

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Carly, Claire, Berklee, Macy

and Elie look like court jesters.

Steven, Jake, Zach, Michael, Daniel, and Robert had a

great time.

Kerry, Izabele, Baileigh,

Tekle, Morgan and Kylie.

Second grade hams!!!!

What a great day the class had learning about our nation's


Students were dressed in their hats and crowns representing

the USA.