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  Sunday, March 1, 2015
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The Shamrock Pub, a Neighborhood Place
By Rick Winterson

     Since it officially opened on February 10, Touchie’s Shamrock Pub is becoming a neighborhood gathering place.  And that’s exactly the way innkeeper Touchie McDonough and his partner, Dan Flynn, want it.  By the way, you may want to consider the Shamrock Pub as the place to spend March 17, the real St. Patrick’s Day.

     The renovated Shamrock Pub now features two areas.  One that Touchie McDonough is particularly proud of is the mezzanine room off to the left of the entrance and main bar.  He has renovated this part of “Touchie’s Shamrock Pub” for smaller functions and as a space where his patrons can enjoy the wide screen HD direct TV (eight feet across), while sitting at the tables he has put in.

     This room is 16 by 30 feet – approximately 500 square feet.  It’s suitable for the type of occasions that don’t require an enormous space, including birthday parties, christenings, showers, retirement celebrations, and so on.  Or perhaps you would just like to throw a party.  The room will seat 40 or 50 comfortably.  New windows have been put in, and every surface has been taken down and redone.  As one example, Touchie’s Shamrock Pub recently hosted the finish line celebration for the 2006 Mayor of South Boston campaign, which Brian Mahoney won.

     Five TV screens surround the main bar.  The center unit is a 42-inch plasma screen with superb definition.  The four other units can be separately tuned, so the true sports nut can watch an exhibition Sox game, a hockey playoff, two helpings of March Madness, and a Gaelic football match.  During timeouts and halftime intermissions, there’s KENO and the lottery to occupy your time.

     Some new things are going on at the Shamrock Pub.  Lunch is now being served from 11 to 3.  The menu features a couple of specials each day, and the fare is comfort food – pot roast, beef stew, turkey dinners, and fish on Fridays.  And there are appetizers in the evening.  Touchie plans to punch in some windows over the bar, and he’s looking into a new draft system.  But it’s not cheap.  The new ice machine was a cool $3,000. The Shamrock Pub is still a “work-in-progress”.

     If you are considering what to do on Friday, March 17, especially if you have Evacuation Day/St. Patrick’s Day off, think about the Shamrock Pub, for at least part of that day.  From noon until 4 p.m.,

     Touchie will serve corned beef dinners – “the best,” he claims – along with non-stop Irish music that will go right up until midnight.  Hey, you could do much worse, and best of all, the atmosphere is that of a neighborhood pub or local.  “… Where everybody knows your name.”  And the ladies are not just permitted, they’re welcomed.

     Touchie and his partner, Dan Flynn, bought the Shamrock Pub last October.  Actually, Dan came to Touchie and asked him, “What do you think?”  After some thought, Touchie answered, “I’ll give it a try.”   And so Touchie’s Shamrock Pub began.  He and Dan want it to become the type of neighborhood establishment where everyone is welcome – a sort of local clearinghouse, where you can stop in for a drink and a chat with your friends.

     Touchie is a Southie lifer and a family man.  He and Denise will celebrate their 20th anniversary in May.  They have two daughters – Jacqueline, who is a freshman at Fairfield, majoring in Business and a member of the dance team, and Erin, a junior at Fontbonne.  Erin recently received the Donovan Catholic Youth Award from Gate of Heaven.

     Touchie has been an electrician in IBEW Local 103 for 33 years, and is well known for his community activism.  Among the many causes he supports are the CYO at Gate of Heaven and the McDonough sailing program.

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The landlord of the house and master of the pub, Touchie McDonough, sitting in his newly redone Shamrock Pub at H and Eighth.

The regulars watching the

plasma TV (upper right center)

at Touchie McDonough's

Shamrock Pub.

Touchie McDonough under the "Shamrock Pub" sign at H and Eighth.