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  Saturday, February 28, 2015
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Third Annual Michael Tye Scholarship Award

     South Boston Citizens’ Association President, Michael P. Bare, has announced that the third annual Michael Tye Community Spirit Scholarship award will be presented at this year’s 126th Annual Evacuation Day Banquet at The Massachusetts Convention & Exhibition Center March 17, 2006. The award is being sponsored by United Liquors and the Tye Family. Michael Tye, prior to his untimely passing, had been a major supporter of the SBCA’s Annual Evacuation Day Events. He was known to many SBCA and community members, as he enjoyed not only supporting the events financially, but also Michael would attend and participate in as many events as possible. 


     “Michael Tye was a fixture at the head table of our annual banquet for many years. He was an ambassador of good will for his family’s business, United Liquors. A lot of people in this community do not realize that without the support of the Tye Family and United Liquors, many Evacuation Day events would just not have happened. We rely each year on our corporate sponsor’s contributions in bringing these events to the community. The Tye Family, with Michael Tye, and now his sister, Randy O’Brien, as its representative has been a major sponsor for a long time.” Bare stated.


     He continued “Michael Tye was more than a corporate representative, he was a member of the SBCA family and a good friend to this neighborhood. In my term as SBCA President, I came to know Michael and his family and consider them personal friends. The Tye Family and this community suffered a great loss at Michael’s passing, we lost a close friend.  Michael’s Dad, Raymond Tye is one of the Boston area’s most philanthropic citizens, and Randy O’Brien, Michael’s sister, is, and has been as involved as her late brother Michael,.”


     “The Tye Family has been involved with the SBCA for these many years, and we intend to stay involved. Michael would have us do nothing different.” was the message from Randy.


     After Michael’s passing, an idea came about to set up a scholarship in his name. Michael was the epitome of community spirit and volunteerism, thus the scholarship would be awarded in that vain. The SBCA has contacted all of South Boston’s Non-Profits and has asked them to submit nominations of high school age candidates that are volunteers in their organizations. A committee of SBCA Board members, Randy O’Brien and Ron Weathers, Vice President, Sales, will choose the finalist from United Liquors. The one thousand dollar scholarship must be used for educational purposes, such as high school or college tuition, books or computers. Nominations will close Monday, March 13, and the award will be presented by Randy O’Brien at this year’s 126th Annual Evacuation Day Banquet. 

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