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  Sunday, March 1, 2015
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Should I Go to the Drug & Alcohol Awareness Forum at the "Club"

     Do you know what a forty or eighty is? Do you know what scrillers are? How about Jam? If you have heard anyone talking about any of the above, they were referring to Oxycontin. Do you know what K Pins are? How about E or Vikes? Do you know what a Section 35 is? Have you ever heard of suboxone? Do you know where the Cushing House is and what it does? How about the Collaborative or the Gavin House? Do you know which Judge runs a Drug Court and where it is located. Do you know where the Family Resource Center is? Would you know what a crystal meth lab smell like?


     If you know about all of the above, then you should probably be on the stage Thursday night at the South Boston Boys and Girls Club along with other substance abuse professionals s who will speak about the state of drugs and alcohol in our community. If not, you could learn a lot from the speakers like Judge Robert Ziemian, who by the way is the Judge who runs the drug court out of the South Boston District Court,  as well as a DEA agent who will talk about the effects and the devastation that crystal-meth has spawned across the country. A few South Boston youth who have felt the devastation of drugs and alcohol first hand and who are now clean and sober, will speak, as will members of the Joint Committee on Substance Abuse at the State House. We will hear from Captain Paul Russell and drug enforcement officers from Area C who will share their experiences and ideas. John McGahan from the Cushing House, Andy Ward, two people who have made a great difference in our town will be on stage, along with elected officials and parents who are fighting back.


     “We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to listen to the people who are on the front line in the fight against drug and alcohol and to ask them questions which they will be more than happy to answer. This is the second in a series of community meetings sponsored by the South Boston Crime Watch, and South Boston’s elected officials. This particular forum is also being sponsored by the Cityside Neighborhood Association. It all starts at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, February 16, and is free to the public.  The Boys & Girls Club is located at 230 West 6th Street.

     “We have put together an impressive and knowledgeable panel of experts from inside and outside South Boston. We hope you will take advantage of their expertise, advice and knowledge. If people don’t want to attend these forums don’t complain that it was held at an inopportune time or in the wrong location. If you want to learn what is happening in your own community you need to make the time and the effort to attend,” Rep Wallace stated.

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