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  Friday, March 6, 2015
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Colleen Foley Runs for Mayor
By Rick Winterson

     The fourth candidate for Mayor of South Boston joined the race too late to be included in our original profile article (February 2 issue).  Here’s the lowdown on Colleen Foley.

     There may something to the claim that a person’s date of birth predicts the events in her life (“It’s in the stars.”).  Colleen Foley, the fourth 2006 candidate in the run for Mayor of South Boston, was born on March 16.  Her parents once told her the St. Patrick’s Day Parade was to celebrate her birthday.  Perhaps this year, it will be.

     In addition, her license plate reads, “NOT-SHY”.  That characteristic may suit her very well in her campaign for Mayor.  It certainly marks her as a South Boston driver.

     Colleen was born on Patterson Way, and went to school at St. Augustine’s and Cardinal Cushing.  She was a letter carrier for the U.S. Postal Service for 12 years.  Then, after a year and a half of study, she switched into massage therapy.  She has worked with Vladimir Shulman, the massage therapist for the Celtics, and now is employed at the Logan Hilton Hotel.

     Colleen has assembled an awesome campaign committee.  Good friends Maryann Clarke and Kevin Barry have been a great help – from catchy ideas to distributing campaign literature.  Leo Papile from the Celtics organization got her some sports memorabilia to raffle off in her quest for votes at The Stadium on February 26.  She has four other fundraisers planned, starting with a Comedy Night at the Cornerstone on February 16.  Look for the green, blue, and white posters saying “Holy Moley, Vote for Foley”.

     In her spare time, Colleen is a joiner.  She is a member of the South Boston Yacht Club, as well as Elks Lodge 1171 in Revere.  “I enjoy the camaraderie – they’re a great bunch of people.” she says of both groups.  She also likes to read, and just finished a book of Irish short stories.

     When asked why she’s running for Mayor of South Boston this year, Colleen replies, “I’ve always watched while everyone else ran.  Now, it’s my turn.”  She also has her own personal slogan:  “I’m ready.  I can do it.”

     This is Colleen’s first time in the public spotlight.  According to her, support from everyone is essential to her campaign.  You can vote for her as many “times”, attend Election Day on March 4 at the Library, or you can send your votes to her Mayoral account at any branch of the Mt. Washington Bank.

     (NOTE:  In last week’s photo of Colleen Foley, we mistakenly used the name “Murphy” instead of “Foley” in the caption.  We apologize for the error.)

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